Starting week 3 ....ll

Starting week 3 today and the thought of running for three minutes makes me want to sob (sounds crazy when there's people who run for hours) but I'm going to go out end and I'm going to give it my all and keep slow and steady,

Since September I've suffered white badly with my health, with some pretty severe migraines, I was hospitalised a few times, so I've not really been the picture of health for several months and since I started this running malarkey several people have told me how well I'm looking and this is really giving me a boost because even though im still in the building up stage I'm feeling so much better than I have done in months, long may it continue.

I'll check in with you all after the session


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  • Just remember that all those folk who run for hours started somewhere, many on C25k. All on this forum can recall those early days, when what we now consider as short runs, left us totally exhausted. Stick with it, you won't regret it and as you have already seen, tangible results come incredibly quickly. Before you know it you will be running for thirty minutes and you will have transformed your health and wellbeing. Good luck.

  • Yes -- there was a time not so long ago when the thought of 3 minutes running was for me not even conceivable. This last Saturday, I came very close to puking after 33 minutes running -- I am going to have to watch that -- I'm too old for that sort of thing!! :(

  • Go for it Khillary! KittyKat is right, your stamina increases amazingly quickly on this programme. Slow and steady wins the day. You can do it!

  • Go for it! As others have just said, it's amazing how C25K builds stamina and you'll be running for longer than you ever thought you could. We've all been there, wondering how we're going to get through the next jump in running, but we have, and so will you! :-)

    So glad to hear what a positive effect on you and your health that running has had. Good luck for today!

  • As they have all said - we all started like that! "What?? Run for a minute?? Run for 90 seconds?? Run for 3 minutes??" Just do what Laura tells you, take your rest days and you will be fine. Good luck and hold on to that new-found confidence. Happy running! X

  • I echo the comments above, not so long ago I seriously felt like throwing up or passing out in the first week, and today I completed week 8 and can run non stop for 28 minutes.....I'm still amazed at my progress in such a relatively short period of time. Plus my recovery time has improved by leaps and continue to think positive thoughts, you can do it.

  • I'm back and survived in one piece

    I found the first 3 minute treacherous, and at times I was so slow I may have been moving backwards, but the second one was far easier, I've realised that the way I begin my run means I have to run up a very slight incline, it's barely noticeable but I have noticed if I'm running in that section it's far more difficult, so I may have to alter my route slightly.

    Thankyou for the support and love, i am noticing a difference (I'd like to see a little more difference on my waist line but hey ho....I'm hoping it will come with time

  • Very best of luck and I'm sure you'll get there in your own way. Don't worry about being a little apprehensive, I've discovered that's a normal reaction. I'm about to complete w8 today and I'm still apprehensive before each new run. Believe in the programme and believe in yourself and remember, if you have to redo a run or even a week, it doesn't matter. Use the c25k that best suits you. Good luck :)

    Edit: just read your last post, WELL DONE ;)

  • Well done! Enjoy your runs and don't worry! I used to think how short the runs were by telling myself things thst are really quick, such as leaving my teabag in a cup takes 3 mins, boiling the kettle similar, my toast takes 4 mins as does my boiled egg. So quick except when we are running the same distance and we fret that it's going to takes an age. It doesn't!

    Happy running KH

  • Well done, you did it!

    Slowly, steadily your strength and stamina will increase and you will marvel at your weekly progress. And it is great that you are sharing your success with all of us. Keep running and keep posting and good luck with the rest of W3.

  • Every sympathy with those migraines. I don't have them as bad as you but they are so debilitating. Like you I never thought I could run as long as the next week required but the program builds you up well & the one nice thing about doubting yourself is that when you achieve each run you are so amazed that its a fantastic feeling.

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