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Wk 5 run 3 imminent!!


I will be getting up tomorrow and heading out for my wk5 run 3 experience! At least the forcast is favourable - no rain, which has to be the first time in 3 weeks I haven't run in it!

But my point being, that during my last run everything started to "click" . I've been reading your blogs about how that happens and wondered if it would happen to me. Well it did and although I feel a little nervous about tomorrow, actually Im quite excited too! At the moment all I seem to do is think about the next time I'm going to run. A little sad as I am a busy mum and wife and dog walker and full time worker!!!! But non the less I LOVE it!! oh dear Ive got THE bug haven't I!!

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Yes you have! And so have I! Just did that run this morning and am still on a high! Enjoy,and good luck, not that you will need it!

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Well done Kitty77 on completing the 20 mins :) bet you will be smiling all weekend


Sounds like it debssey - it's a very easy one too catch, very infectious!!

Mucho mucho good luck with W5R3, not that you'll need it. Remember the mantra, "pace yourself", there is no rush. Better to do the twenty slow, than not getting there. Believe in yourself and in Laura...we will be waiting for your success post!!



Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow. I'm doing W5R1 tomorrow. Its so inspiring hearing how people just ahead of me are doing. I'll be with you in spirit, do let us know how it goes. Enjoy the run!


Ditto the others. Pace yourself, it's not a race. You'll get such a high when you've finished and bore all your friends about your exploits.


Thank you sooo much xxx will post tomorrow after my run x


Good luck Debssey and well done Kitty77 !


Good luck, just keep listening to laura and you'll be great :)

Good luck! I did wk5r3 on Wednesday and really thought I wouldn't manage it! But tried to stay focused on just keeping going and at a fairly slow pace & managed the full 20 mins! Hurrah.! Legs felt like jelly after but what a great feeling. You can do it ! Good luck ??

I'm like you Debssey, all I think about is when I can do my next run! I'm a mother etc too...my son thinks I'm mad getting up at 6.30am to run before work, but I love it & feel on a high all day.

I can't run today because of a sore ankle (and a hangover ;) ) so I'm having extra rest and will be out tomorrow for W3R3. Well done & good luck with your run :)


Thank you everyone sarahji I will too be having a few glasses this evening xx


Did it xxxxxxx love running, thank you everyone, couldnt do it without you xx

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