WK9 R3 Done!

Completed the last run of the program tonight and feel great! I started out with the intention of completing the run in my fastest ever time and I did it! No world records, but 5k in just over 31 minutes is a personal best, and at 53 and not having run since school I don't think that's too bad.

To anyone thinking of starting this program, or those wavering around the middle weeks, you can do it! I went from relative inactivity to running 30 minutes three times a week because of this. It really does work.

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  • What a fantastic achievement for your graduation run. Well done. Good luck with your next running journey. Best wishes.

  • Thanks

  • Congratulations that's brilliant

  • Thanks Rockette, I'm feeling pretty chuffed at the moment.

  • That's great well done, and that's a fantastic time! Enjoy your running x

  • Thank you, I am enjoying it more now.

  • Wow well done Yonda! thats a fantastic time for 5k, to do a PB on your graduation must feel great! You're 10 yrs older than me and i can't go that fast yet!! Congratulations and keep on posting!!! :)

  • Thanks Aliboo, I am rather pleased with myself at the moment :-)

  • so you should be! :)

  • That's brilliant! Well done you! That's an impressive graduation time too.

  • Congratulations - it feels great doesn't it? Good luck with your post graduation runs :)

  • Congratulations!! well done! I just finished too and it is a fantastic feeling, I hope you treat yourself to something nice for making it through and happy running!!

  • That is absolutely wonderful! Well done you!

  • Congratulations... I am similar age with similar history, so I know what you mean... It does feel good!

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