Wk9 R3 - DONE!!!

C25K DONE!!!

Started 14/07/15

completed 14/09/15

28 and 2 half runs done (repeated a run back in the early weeks and had 2 half runs when I shouldn't have started them!)

77.79 miles covered

2 rainy runs

5 beautiful sunrises

Fastest 5k - 34mins 33seconds

One scabby pair of asics trainers

3 sports bras - don't ask!

One absolutely delighted Susie!!

I have to say I do feel a wee bit deflated now, but I'm going to focus on improving my time and being able to breathe better - rather than gasping like a fish out of water lol.

Well done to everyone else who has completed this - it feels like a huge achievement!! :-)


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  • It is a huge achievment. Well done. Interesting how many miles it is. I'm glad you kept records like that. That's quite a journey's worth.

  • Thanks Gary - and thanks for your kind words all the way through. Hope you're looking after that bike!! X

  • It's waiting for me tomorrow. 25 whole minutes. Maybe I should just sleep in. :-) Worse than that, I've bought a swimming snorkel. Went looking for an ordinary one, found that there were now special ones for swimming. This means before or after the spinning there might be some swimming.

  • Woo hoo Soosy Soo !!! Great big WELL DONE YOU!!!

    Loving the stats, too!

    Don't be deflated, wear your badge with pride- there's lots to look forward to ahead... are you going to treat yourself to new trainers and post us a pic ? :)

  • I am delighted :-) hmmm I don't know about new trainers - I had promised myself I would but now I'm worried they'll not be as comfy as my good old trusty asics. Will maybe get a few more runs under my belt and go for a gait analysis or whatever the proper runners do lol x

  • I did it to celebrate W5R3 TBH. It means I have actually had a pair of proper running shoes since then... my old trail shoes are in need of replacement but they are having to hang on a tad! :) I do get the 3 bras thing BTW. I also have 3...

  • ps rainy runs and beautiful sunrises... I'm so glad they are part of your stats, isn't it great to be outdoors? :)

  • It is awesome - and to have only had 2 rainy runs in 9 weeks I was so lucky!! And I live in the country so can safely go out before its light - and see some amazing sunrises on my way home :-) I'll think about the trainers 😘

  • That is huge, well don't indeed. I finish on Saturday so a little behind you and also a bit slower too but we continue to run the race! πŸ˜€

  • I know! There were a few of us all about the same time. I am delighted to have completed - who would have thought it only 2 months ago!! Keep at it and good luck on Saturday :-) look forward to hearing all about it :-)

  • Congratulations Susie! Don't feel deflated- there are all sorts of lovely running adventures out there waiting for you!

  • 3 times I've tried to reply to you and Something's going wrong!! ! Thank you :-) and yeah I am so excited about the future - going to investigate the suggested podcasts :-)

  • Congratulations

  • WELL DONE!!!

  • Thanks - I think you started around the same time as me? Good luck - keep on running :-)

  • Yayyyyyy! Well done! I love the list of accomplishments - with I was organized enough to do likewise :D

    The idea of suddenly not having anyone to tell you how and when to run is destabilizing, but it soon passes. Just get those trainers on, run the route and pat yourself on the back as you remember how things were when you started off. you'll soon be making plans for the next stage, even if it's "just" enjoying running (which is the most important goal).

  • wish, not with.

  • I know - what will I do without Laura!! I think I'm going to run with her Wednesday and Friday and then move on to her podcasts. I'm already considering moving on to 10k but would rather enjoy a few runs before moving on.

    I did say to my OH that I really looked forward to each run and was really proud after each one - but hated every minute of actually running!! well maybe not, but I'm sure you know what I mean!

  • Congratulations and well done, its a big achievement. Keep on running.

  • Thanks!! You'll not be far behind - Good to hear you've ran outside!! :-)

  • It is a big achievement, Many congratulations graduate! I know what you mean about feeling deflated - it was such a BIG THING in my life I wondered what to do next. There's lots of advice on offer here on what to do next. I felt I needed something to push me along and keep me going so have joined a local running group which I attend once a week and just doing my own 2 x 30 mins runs at the moment, which suits me.

    Whatever you do, happy running!

  • Aww thanks Lynda :-) the most disappointing thing was I actually thought my husband would be out of bed waiting for me to come home cos he knew it was my last run - but no - he was giving it big zzzzeds when I got back!! Gutted lol. I suppose it was only 6.30am and he had worked all weekend!!

    I'm going to try to run 3 times a week - not ready to join my local group and i'm too far away to do park run.

  • Congratulations!! Great time for a 5k too.

  • Aww thanks - I'm going to try to get to 30 mins before moving up to 10k!! Wish me luck :-)

  • Very well done and many congratulations !

  • Well done and a brilliant time for a 5k faster than me you should be feeling so happy not deflated there is so much to look forward to ! Happy running :)

  • Yeah I've kinda got over feeling deflated and am now looking forward to my next run - as a graduate!!!!!

  • Congrats - and I totally understand 3 sports bras lol! X

  • Haha yep - one is never enough 😜

  • It feels like a huge achievement? It IS a huge achievement!! Very well done

  • Yay! Many congratulations on your graduation. Your badge looks great!

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