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First post grad run ☹️

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Frustrating.... worst run yet. Tried 30 minutes today, struggled through 15 minutes, nothing was coming together so I stopped and walked for a minute then carried on for another 15 and made myself get to 5k. Now miffed that I let myself stop - why?! Just because I knew I could so I gave up. Also tried Laura as opposed to Jo but couldn’t quite gel with that either. Will get back out super early Tuesday (today was an 8.30 start) and try to forget this one. At some point this will get easier!

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Sorry to hear that Tracey. If it’s any consolation, I’m on my 3rd post grad run and they’ve each got worse!

Went out today and gave up after ten mins! Walked for ages then ran for another five !

Think it’s cos I’ve no one in my ear telling me to keep going etc. I give up because I can and it’s easier than running. Total failure.

Think I’m going to repeat wk6 onwards to find my groove again. Hopefully you’ll be fine- you still ran for 5k. That’s brilliant!

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Thank you x I’m exactly the same, I need someone in my ear encouraging me otherwise, what’s the point of putting myself through this?! I know I seriously need to change that mindset. Will try again Tuesday but I like the idea of going back a couple of weeks. Even if I run for 20 minutes that’s better than nothing! Good luck and thanks x

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These runs happen. The important thing is to be gentle with yourself and let it go.

It was what it was, the next run will be what it is, unaffected by this run.

Enjoy the next one!

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Thanks Jay, I’m wondering if it might be wine related as well 🤣. I shall obsess over a new playlist, focus (😳) and report back Tuesday! Good luck with your next run x

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Hi, that’s a shame that it didn’t go according to plan. Try to put it behind you and don’t dwell on it. 🙂👍

Give it a day or so and maybe try again. You could try changing your route, listening to something different or maybe a podcast, just to break things up. 😊

The most important thing is not to give up, just because you think things aren’t going so well at the moment ☺️ You’ve already proved to yourself you can do this.

Best wishes with your next run 🏃‍♀️

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You could always try the C25K + podcasts if you still want some structure to your running. You can find them here:

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Tbae in reply to DebJogsOn

The C25k consolidation period recommendation to be running 30 mins comfortably or 5k in whatever time at your slow and steady happy pace is good advice.

If you are missing the structure,

and as Debs suggests, I would listen to all three podcasts and particularly listen to Laura’s running tips.

Then start with stepping stones and work with it. Laura can get you through it if you shorten your stride, and do as she suggests , light,quick,short steps.She starts you off at 150bpm.

Try even running on the spot and count each time your foot strikes the ground in one minute, double that, and that will let you know what that pace feels like.Do that before you even listen to the podcast.

Hope this helps.

Also if it helps, keep using Jo for sometime, as you suggest.

I am sure you will enjoy Laura and audio fuel.

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Tbae in reply to DebJogsOn

Sorry Debs, I agree with you.

This was supposed to be addressed to Tracy/ poster.

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MumsygillGraduate in reply to DebJogsOn

Are these podcasts the same ones that have the supermarket music on them?😂

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DebJogsOnGraduate in reply to Mumsygill

The music is by audiofuel and is pretty ropey but if you time out and go with the beat they're ok. I still use them (or other audiofuel ones) if I'm feel I g a bit reluctant about going out as they structure keeps me going.

If you used them for every run they would drive you mad - but mixed in with a variety of runs they have helped improve my distance and pace.

I think that variety is also really important when you're consolidating. Try different routes, distances, surfaces, times of day, stuff that you listen to - you can then find out what you like and dislike and how you're going to make running part of your life!

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MumsygillGraduate in reply to DebJogsOn

Thanks deb- that’s really helpful

Thank you, I really do want to make running part of my lifestyle if only that it allows me to eat chocolate guilt free! I’ll get back out Tuesday. And I’m already thinking of going down the Motown route! 🙂

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I use Runkeeper and set it to tell me when I have run for 5, 10, 15 mins etc. It also tells you distance and pace. You can select the voice. They are quite funny and break up the run into 5 min segments for me!

in reply to Ang33333

I heard that Runkeeper was one of the best ones. I googled running apps before I started this programme & that came out as one of the top ones. I may give that a go when I graduate. I don't fancy the podcasts but only coz I like to have my own music.

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Ang33333Graduate in reply to

That's why I don't use the podcasts. It seems to be reasonably accurate. And I like the voice cutting in!

in reply to Ang33333

Yes me too! Even though I always mutter - oh shut up Laura! It's said in a fond way....

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Thanks I’ll look it up, I like the idea of 10 minute reminders as when it kicks in after five minutes I feel a bit demoralised! Lol look at me, never thought I’d jog for 3 minutes!

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So glad u havexsll been posting about this as I’m exactly the same!!

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I think prob a lot of us are! At least there are some options for after graduation. Really surprised they haven't made a 5k to 10k follow-on app.

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Thanks for sharing Tracey. I’m due to do first post grad run later this week & not expecting great things. I’m sure it will get easier but there will always be off days. 🙂

in reply to QueenTea

Thanks, best of luck to you. ‘Today was just a blip’ and repeat 😂

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My last two pg runs have been like trudging through treacle! I have found runkeeper now where you can choose a man on there to tell you how many minutes and how far you have gone! He is hilarious! You can play it as well as your music etc I hope your next run is better 😀

in reply to Bridget007

Thanks Bridget, I’ve downloaded Runkeeper and have re-planned my route as I realise the extra bit I’ve added is all uphill and I’m nowhere near ready to embrace that just yet! Good luck with your next run too

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Bridget007Graduate in reply to

Thank you 😊

in reply to Bridget007

Hi Bridget, I’ve downloaded Runkeeper and liked it. There’s a list of voices, do you know which one you have? I’m certainly up for some light relief to make me smile rather than grimace! Tks x

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Bridget007Graduate in reply to

Conscience I think! I’ve also downloaded an app called zombies run you can try it for free and while you’re running you can do imaginary missions 🧟‍♀️ 🧟‍♂️

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When I ran post grad I used the podcast from week 9 still for the first few runs. Then when I went a bit further I had to flip the slider back in the podcast and relisten to some of the tracks. Also used Stepping Stones podcast as I also like someone telling me what to do

I keep saying I’ll make myself some playlists but I still haven’t got round to it

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I found Strava very good (I am sure others are available!). You can set it to give you the running time, distance and pace every half km, so you can frequently check on your progress and have whatever music you like running in the background (or none!). Best of luck. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💪🏻😀😉

in reply to F1ipperation

Thanks! I used Runkeeper for the first time today along with my usual MapMyRide to compare. I like the idea of humour on my jaunt! I’ll have a look at Strava as well, I know it’s popular on here. Thanks I appreciate your help x

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I will also have a look at Runkeeper. We can compare notes 📝😉😀

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