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Post Grad Runs :( :( Disappointing

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Well just got back from taking 5yo grandson camping in Shropshire. Was great especially him outside all the time with no internet just great fun. Good for the soul.

However my running is another story and I am feeling a bit down in the dumps as both my post grad runs to date (another one tonight) have been so hard and I struggled with both just to make the 30 mins. W9 was great and thought I was really making progress but now not so sure.

Nothing is different, I hydrate well and that but all the while running just wanted the time to be up ! Going to try again tonight and see how that goes.

Any advice or pick me up will be appreciated. Anyone else experienced anything similar. I'm just feeling a bit grumpy about it all. :(

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My uneducated guess is that you drove yourself through W9 because you had an outcome in sight. Perhaps you need a new one? A distance to aim for or a time to complete 5k in??

Hope you get your mojo back soon or who’s going to pick me up when I need it?

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LorijayGraduate in reply to Jay66UK

Thanks Jay, yes differently lost my mojo!

Big congratulations to you on graduating, the badge definitely suits you :0

Good luck with the Park Run on Saturday.

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I think a lot of woes are caused by not warming up properly. Even Mo Farrah says run really slowly for the 1st mile (when he’s training - not racing). For a 5 km runner that’s a substantial chunk. Try going really slowly for the first 20 mins then slowly pick up pace until you sprint the finish. Guarantee you’ll feel good about the run!

Good luck! 😀

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LorijayGraduate in reply to _SimonT_

Thanks Simon. I will try that tonight and hold the belief tonight's run will feel good. Maybe expectations just too high this early on too. :)

Hi Lorijay, post graduation blues hmmm. If you are a goal oriented person, then trying to go faster or for longer may help, but the usual advice post graduation is just to get used to the 5k runs, no matter how long it takes. I needed the structure of a ‘plan’ post graduation and here are some of the things I tried - use/discard at your leisure, as we are all different.

I set myself 3 x run reminders each week from Michael Johnson at the same time I used to get my C25k reminders. It was a phoney thing but it helped and I still use them today as my running prompt.

I replayed the W9 sessions on each of my runs for about the first month post graduation - just so I had Mr Smooth in my ear telling me I was fabulous - that helped too. And from time to time I make a date with him, just for old times sake! I am and was that sad.

I like to blog about my runs, others compose alternative lyrics for songs (Razouski), others like Old Floss compose poems or write beautiful essays about their runs, but the one thing I guess we all have in common is that we have found an inspiration source within the run itself.

ejvcruns used the Zombie run app, to get her out and about.

I gave myself a ‘treat’ after running - not food or drink, but I’m allowed to use my horrendously expensive shower gel for a post run shower, and only then. It smells of creme caramel and I go through all those ‘oh you’re worth it’ thoughts, when I use it.

Any running you’re doing is good running - it's all going in the stamina and kms bank and a post ‘achievement’ lull is to be expected. You get such a high from that W9 R3, it’s hard to realise that the graduation is just the start, not the end in itself.

Maybe have a think about what it was you wanted to get out of running and see if there is a theme, or target that was an inspiration for you. In truth I reckon most of my runs are ‘meh’ but from time to time, I have a dream run, when I feel like I’m flying and that’s when I smile broadly again.

I hope you find your running mo-jo - good luck and happy running

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LorijayGraduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thank you Jan. Your post is really helpful. I guess I feel disappointed as although I didn't get to 5k at graduation I was close and that is my goal but both post grad runs I lost distance and no where near 5K.

After graduating I signed up for Ju-ju's 10K plan but now feel without the 5K under my belt might not be achievable. I will regroup and will definitely be using the app again, I think I miss MJ too. Thanks for your suggestions and insights which I will try going forward. :)

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Jancanrun in reply to Lorijay

I’ve only ever done 5k under the magic 30 minutes I think twice or three times since graduation. I also found post graduation that I slowed down a bit, I think it was the adrenaline thing during the plan that kept me going. And it took me a little while to make 5k ‘my standard’ run. Interestingly ju-ju wasn’t running a 10k at the time I planned on doing it and I bought an app - it was horrid - a nasty shouty American man, who I hated upon first listen. And it made me realise the running is as much in your head as it is in the legs. Because he was so awful, I did my own thing, following IannodaTruffe 10% rule on extending distance.

There’s something about the friendly support you get within the C25K plan that is definitely hard to replace post graduation. All the best...

Hi Lori! I know how you feel. But after a short break I’m getting back to it tomorrow. Have signed up to Ju-ju’s 10K plan mid June as I’ve signed up for a 10K in Oct!

Till then I’m going to run 30 mins/5k (even though I still find the last K hard!) I want to run it comfortably by the time 10K training kicks in. Join me!

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Hi Ripcurl, hope you had a fab time in NY.

I would love to do the 10K plan just really struggling to make 5K !

Are you doing 5K in 30 mins, that's brilliant. I'm heading back out tonight and not sure whether to just aim for 5K regardless of time or just run for 30 mins ??

Great time thanks! My best time is 33 mins for 5k. My main aim is to run 30 mins without too much effort. Ideally that would mean getting nearer to 30min mark.

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LorijayGraduate in reply to Ripcurlrana71

33 mins is great, you speedster :) I just got to get out there and shake this whatever it is mojo might come back :) . My problem is I am really competitive/goal oriented with myself and expect to improve run on run and when that doesn't happen I get really pissy with myself :)

I’ve done it 3 times : 36, 33 and 37 so I’m not consistent’! Oh and hate and run very poorly in heat! Just keep getting out there. You don’t have to run 5k in 30 mins to manage 10K . 💪🏼

Maybe you could sign up for a 5k or a 10k event in the future which then gives you something to aim for and may help with the motivation.

I have never ever done a 5k under 30 minutes and I am okay with that for now as I am in training for a 10k and as long as I can run the whole way I don't mind how long it takes :)

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LorijayGraduate in reply to veggiegirl1906

Thanks, yes I think that is part of the problem trying to match the time and distance. I am more interested in doing 5K. Would be amazing to do it in 30 mins but just dont think that realistic for me. I signed up a while ago for Race for Life 5K in June and all I want to be able to do is run the whole way. Maybe just aim for distance and forget time. :)

Yeah just aim for distance for now :)

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LorijayGraduate in reply to veggiegirl1906

Thank you. Appreciate your input. :)

Sounds like anti-climatic blues. You've got the January feeling after a big build up to graduation day me thinks. I'm loving the advice above, set some goals that are achievable. Sign up for a 5K and train towards that. You need reminding of how amazing you are in completing this course. Personally I'd keep running 5K and see whether your time improves naturally as you get stronger. Don't compare to others as you don't know the factors involved. Who's facing hills, who's running in perfect conditions, who's running in the rain, who's young and naturally fit...I could go on. Run for you. Always. Xx

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LorijayGraduate in reply to

Thank you Sutsha, what a lovely post and great advice I will take on board. Thanks :)

Hi Lorijay, I have just com across your post. What a lot of helpful replies. I found them particularly useful as I also lost some motivation. Do hope that your ideas are coming together and I look forward to seeing how your running journey unfolds.

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Hi 61 Yes some great advice given. Had a couple of runs where I took all the pressure off myself about time and speed etc and really enjoyed them, so think this is the answer at the moment. How are you going? :)

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