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First post-grad run

Just finished my first post-grad run and like all my weekend runs it was tough!

At about halfway I was flagging so I decided to turn back- but told myself If was going to quit "had" to at least run all the way back.

So that's what I did, but by time I got there, I was feeling much better, so I decided to keep going. Besides if I stopped when I was feeling OK, I knew I'd regret it and be frustrated with myself.

Anyway, to cut this essay short- I made it! Yay!

I was able to go the full 30mins and covered 5k (just) Phew!

And to add to my elation, as I walked in the door I was not only greeted by a face full of kisses from the dog, but my Etsy app Kerching-ed twice! :)

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Well done, Sarah. As you know, I've found all my postgraduate runs hard - four so far. It seems every time that at around ten minutes in things get very tough (lots of others say the same) and I don't think it necessarily gets easier. It's the mental toughness that we've developed that is our most effective attribute, I think. To keep going even when it gets tough.

I think everyone thinks that having completed C25K we've cracked it somehow and running will be easier. I don't think that's true!

Be tough!

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That's a great time! And well done for keeping going :)


Great determination shown there Sarah. :) It's always good to try press on when the Gremlins hit, because 9 times out of 10 they'll pack up and go home and leave you to enjoy your run in peace. Well done


Thanks all!

I'm not sure if I should run Monday now, because technically it'll still be a weekend day (bank hol) or if I should wait for Tuesday as I'll be back at work....?


Go when you want to! Your choice now :)


Great run Sarah and wonderful time.


really well done Sarah :D post grad runs can be tougher once you have cut loose from laura but you have done really great 5k + 30mins . Tick Tick to those milestones :D


That sounds like a great run Sarah so really well done. Every run you do you're building up stamina and it will get easier over time but in the meantime just do what you did today and ignore the doubts and just go for it!


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