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First Post-Grad Run...

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Morning Runners...

So after a busy week, i managed my first Post-Grad Run last the freezing cold, drizzle, with a belly full of curry, not the greatest recipe for success....but the Lemon Drizzle cake at home kept me going!!

Free from the shackles of Michael Johnson, is set off at a slow pace (and didnt get much quicker...) heading on my usual route, reached the top of the first huuuge incline (Its pretty much all downhill after that..) normally i would take a right turn and head back gradually winding my way down through the estate, past dog-sh*t alley, and round towards home.....but, i didnt need rules, or routes, or i kept going forward, down the looooong hill ahead, and then swept back round home the long way, passing the indian takeaway, the pizza shop, and 3 pubs!!

Finally called it a day after hitting 5k, then had a nice little walk home to eat my Lemon Drizzle cake in the bath!! Happy Days!

13 Replies
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I sense a great feeling of smugness well done you 👏👍 l graduate this week and am going to celebrate with a Park run on Saturday enjoy the next chapter of running.

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I had been dreading running with no plan, and worried i wouldnt find the motivation to get out now that i have 'ticked the boxes' of C25K, but i couldnt wait to get out yesterday, and the sense of freedom was great, run where i want, when, and even stop to walk without thinking MJ would be silently judging me!

Good luck on your graduation :-)

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Sounds like you could give your day job up and be a deliveroo runner, dropping curries, pizzas and pints to the local couch potatoes ... :D

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Noooo - i would either be sacked for eating the food, or be so slow it would be cold! :-)

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Sounds like you had a great run and 5k too 👏 well done and happy running

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It was the most enjoyable run i have had to-date...lets hope they carry on that way! Thank you

This is like a fast food bingo game, except you ran past them all....

Well done on you on your freedom run

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Thank you - yes I was like Pepe Le Pew - just floating through the sky sniffing all the food.

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thanks goodness you meant the sniffing and not his other habit!

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Well done on an awesome ‘solo’ run..!! You did bloody well getting yourself out in that weather.

I’d have caved at the Indian takeaway... nipped in, grabbed a curry and run home with it 😋

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And then you ate the lemon drizzle cake IN THE BATH. I salute you, sir.

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Yes i did!! Cake in the bath is the way forward! :-)

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