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Wow I just did 20 minutes non stop


I'm feeling really chuffed. I have just managed the dreaded week 5 run 3 and it was fine. Because of pollution levels I was doing it on a treadmill which is always a little easier. I started pretty slowly as I really wanted to finish but managed to speed up in the final quarter and even went (for me) quite fast in the final minute. I can't believe the progress I've made. In many ways I found the first two weeks harder. Thank you Laura

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Brilliant! Well done.

It's a great achievement.

I did my 20 minute run this morning too, so it's not too difficult for me to imagine how fabulous you feel!

AzoresGraduate in reply to Rupertlebear

I was wondering how it had gone with you. Well done -it is brilliant. If we've got so far,surely we will be able to make it to the end and graduate


Well done to you both. My 20 minute run is on Saturday morning so your posts are great motivators especially as I am quite competitive and you are both ahead :D

Happy running xxx


Well done all of you. You are well on your way.


I can see all three of us graduating at the same time!

Come on girls!



Now you've got this one behind you, you know you can do the rest. Just be aware that you are back to intervals for the first two runs in W6 and that can be quite tough - keep it slow and steady. Well done on completing week 5 and good luck for week 6. Best wishes.

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