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20 minutes, WOW!

I just finished week5 run3 and am so pleased that I managed to complete the 20min run. My eyes welled up a bit when I had finished it actually! Physically, the hardest was the final 5 minutes, but mentally, I found the 2nd quarter the hardest. After running for what felt like nearly 10 minutes it was a real blow when Laura piped in to tell me I was at the 5 minute mark! The next 5 minutes were a real mental battle not to give up, even tho physically I was kind of ok.

I do trust in the programme tho which definitely helps. If I didn't trust it, I wouldn't have believed the progress I could make from 2 eight minute runs to a 20 min. Hubby was proud of me too so that felt great!

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Congratulations. And now you're more than half way to that shiny green badge.

Well Done.


Hi Hobbit that is great running! I start W5 today. Good luck for W6, Ed x


Brilliant, well done :)


Congratulations! Even if the 20 minutes were tough (and I don't know anyone who found it easy!) you must be feel so proud and pleased. I cried too when I finished it. Don't forget that it will get easier, however bad it feels now. Above all, enjoy your running and enjoy your great success!


Very well done! It's a great feeling when you manage your first"long" run and yes, emotional too as now you know the 30 min run is within grasp. Best of luck for W6!

Sue x


Very well done! This program is so much more mental then physical. If you can do 20, the 30 is easily within your reach. I love reading the 20 minute blogs, I can just picture the huge smile the blogger is wearing as they post about it. :-) Gayle


Beautifully done, Hobbit!! 20 full that is an accomplishment to be so very proud of!! You are also past the halfway point in the program and doing wonderfully!! Keep it up!!!

I had never given it much thought before this post, but you are so correct about the mental and physical "walls" being at different points in the run. The best part of that is that you conquered them both!!! Look at you go!!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Yeah well done it is an amazing feeling isn't it?!


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