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Week 5 completed - 20 minutes non-stop achieved!

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Hardly slept as I was thinking about getting up early and running non-stop for 20 minutes. I was apprehensive, confident but worried it was over-confidence. After the warm up Laura said I could do it, and at 5 minute intervals she expressed concern in case I was tired. But remarkably I felt OK. And even more remarkably, I felt I could have continued after 20 minutes. To say I'm amazed and chuffed with myself is an understatement!

So that's Week 5 completed. I've read the posts about the challenge of W6R1 so I'm intrigued and up for it.

I'm beginning to feel like a runner.

My weight hasn't reduced much but my trouser belt is on a different hole which indicates progress.

Can I express my thanks for the motivational comments on this forum. It really does help. I wish I'd done this years ago. I shall look forward to a glass or two over the weekend without the guilt!

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Congratulations on getting that 20 minute run done and dusted! You're well on the way now, and already forewarned about week 6 interval runs. Looks to me as though you'll be just fine- enjoy your celebrations!

Hi Monners :-) Well done - it's a great feeling isn't it after that 20 min run ! W6R1 isn't too bad really - just a bit of an anti-climax after the continuous run and difficult to get legs back into running/walking mode. I'm sure you'll be fine :-)

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Very well done enjoy the feeling and the rest of the program I think it's the end of next week that Laura will tell you that you are officially a runner :) Don't worry about not losing weight I do Slimming World as well as running and in the early weeks I went from losing weight every week to losing no weight. I was disheartened but the Consultant said it had something to do with our bodies holding onto water when we exercise. You won't really lose much weight running these distances but you will tone up and feel better :)

Well done - good feeling hey?

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Fantastic run. Week 6 is achievable but just go slow and steady so that it is another success for u!!

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Thanks for the kind comments. My weight has gone down a bit. I can't pretend to be a saint on the alcohol front but nevertheless the running is doing me the power of good. It's true what Laura says, the 'hard work' was at the beginning and I think it's starting to pay off now and bizarrely I'm enjoying it.

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