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Wow, I ran for 20 minutes!

I can't believe I actually managed W5R3 last night! I ran with my sister and we kept double checking that our 'running' was faster than a walk! We waited til the end of the run and then one of us jogged ahead of the other so we could check that it actually was faster......fortunately it was :-) I have found all the blogs really inspiring to read - it helped that so many people were saying the same sort of things, so thank you everyone!

One question though - even though we are running more of the half hour how come our distance covered doesn't get further?!

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Rather impressed that one of you managed to 'jog on a little' to check that you were faster than walking.Well done.

I too had noticed that distances were not shooting up as I ran for longer. I think this might be one (or both) of the following;

> Does everyone of your sessions last exactly 30 minutes? Mine don't, Today was 31 minutes, but last week it took 38 minutes. This is because I run a loop from home, and measure all of it. So I therefore walk further.

> Even at a good rate (10 mins / mile), a couple of minutes running will be 0.2 miles, compared to say 0.13 miles if you were walking. So the actual gain is only 0.07 miles. ie the distance you run is only affected by the increase in pace, which is not as much as you think. (I think that is right...). It depends how fast your run is compared to your walk. My run is about 40% quicker than my walk.

Keep it up


That's a really comprehensive answer Nerdio, thank you! I think you might be right!


give it time & the distance will improve as you move through the program & - this half way point is important so that you get yourself used to the constant running sessions....

for now - rest, relax and enjoy the triumph of running for 20mins - feels good doesnt it?

Happy Running


Thanks Matthew, good advice! Keep forgetting I'm only half way :-)


Hello! Love that you shared our running ahead strategy :) Unfortunately when running last night I was not getting very far ahead of some teenagers walking behind me. I was wondering if every time I turned around they started jogging behind me :D


Ooooh have we got a 'strategy'?! That makes us sound good!


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