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Week 3 Run 3 complete!!! But worried about the next step up!

So here's the thing. First 2 runs of week 3 went well, rather too well I think. I felt really good during the runs and felt that I could have run on and on and on!! .... Until today's Run 3 just didn't feel right all the way through. My breathing was all over the place and I just couldn't seem to find a natural rhythm. I had to push myself all the way to complete today which I did as i did not want to quit. Left feeling really flat afterwards and more than a bit apprehensive about week 4!!

Has anyone else encountered this and if so any advice on how to overcome it?

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I found week 3 a struggle and yet found week 4 easier than I thought it would be. I was quite astounded. And I have just gone into week 5 and am loving it! In week 3 I wondered when and if I was ever going to actually like running and am happy to say I do. Keep at it. You can do it.


Thank you for your positive reply!! I usually run early morning and today I ran after lunch so that my have affected me!! I have been so positive and enthusiastic until today and have been really enjoying my progress so far! Back to morning runs i think. Glad to hear you are progressing and enjoying it too! Good luck with week 5.


I struggled a bit with Week 3 but found Week 4 easier by comparison. Just take it very clow and steady and you will be fine. Good luck and very best wishes.


Thank you for the support! I will heed your advice of slow and steady! Pacing can be a problem for me as I try to go off to fast and need to reign myself in before keeling over!! Good luck and Best Wishes to you too!


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