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Week 8 Run 3 complete..

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OMG What a week W8 R1, didnt enjoy it, it really battered, W8 R2, hated did it, and found it hard going. So you can imagine how i was looking forward to this evenings run NOT. But i thought alcohol and a Chinese i have to do it. I it So i will feel like I have earned my weekend treat. All I can say now is wow, it was hard at times but it was loads easier then the other two runs. Which makes me wonder is it because the other runs were after a days work? where today was a housework/hairdressers day. Perhaps I need to become a lady of leisure who keeps house and exercises. Dream on. Well W9 starting Monday all being well graduate Friday.I cannot believe i have got here. Plus 5 inch off waist 3 off hips and nine pounds lighter. Loving it.......

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Well done newstart1! I think that the day of the week/time of day can really influence your runs. I have not run in the afternoon yet, and I am pretty hopeless in the evenings so I always run in the morning.

Enjoy your weekend treat and good luck with Week 9! You are almost there!

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Thanks Canuckgirl, i agree time does influence your run. Unfortunately i leave for work at quarter to seven so don't have much choice, weekend treats going down well thanks again blogs are brill


What an amazing inch loss and weight loss, newstart! I agree about running after working although I find the working after running a bit of an issue too! I like to go out early before work and I must admit I sometimes feel like a wee nap around ten-ish! Can imagine what the kids I'm working with would make of that! Good luck with W9, I did W9R1 yesterday so hope to graduate next week sometime as you will too!

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Thanks onna i am chuffed, still loads of weight loss to go,but excellent spring board. I too teach and we have a gym with treadmills but I like the outdoor runs so unfortunately i have to do evening runs as i cant wake up early then six ,else i would be asleep at ten. Good luck for next week, was yesterday run hard?

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Sorry for the delay in replying, newstart, technical issues! R1 restored my rather shaky belief that I could complete the programme! I found the W8 runs very tough - combination of things including some fairly windy weather - and only decided to go out on Friday evening after reading the blogs on this site! It was a beautiful, calm evening (v unusual for our part of the world!) and there were tremendous grey and black clouds scudding across an amazingly colourful sky! It was lovely being out, I didn't want to stop running and was shocked when I found that I had run for 37 mins and covered over 5k (had an issue trying to run Endomondo and the c25k app on my iPhone!). To round it off, as I stepped into the house there was a huge thunderplump! So all in all, w9R1 was great (worried about next one though! How can I top r1?). Good luck to you, hope you have a good one!


Welcome to week 9!! :-) awesome pounds and inches lost!!!! Here you go...only 3 more runs!

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Well done to you I have just read your graduation blog. You've done it ... How good do you feel. I have to say i am not looking forward to next week. But i determined not to give up .


Almost there! Week 8 was rotten for me too, all the runs were hard and I just curled up on the sofa after W8R2.

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I am glad its not just me, but i thought three more mins easy how wrong was i . Thats why i am a bit terrified as w9 is only two more mins, which i now know is very hard but Laura will guide me through it...


Marvelous W8R3!! Congratulations on the inches and pounds left behind!!! That is a "newstart" indeed!!

I think that different times and days for runs can have a lot to do with how well they go!! Then again, there are certain days or runs that just don't go that well. I know that every R2, no matter which week was absolutely a struggle for me!!

You have one more week and that lovely green badge is yours!! You can do this...Keep Running!!


Thanks smhall . I never thought i would get this far. I always make an excuse and quit but not this time. I am, all being well no injuries, going to graduate next week and that isn't the weekend wine talking..


Very well done. I always found running first thing in the morning easier.


I did W8R2 two days ago, and as Laura said well done you've run for ten minutes I stopped dead, took a few breathes and carried on. Did the same at about 13 minutes, where I turn round and run back, but ran steadily after that right to the end, except for a tiny pause to wet my mouth at the water fountain. HOWEVER - this was a much better run that W8R1. Hoping to do W8R3 tomorrow without stopping at all.


Wow! What an achievement in only 8 weeks. So many inches lost. Yay! Way to go! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

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