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Good run - great socks!

I have decided on a new running regime to kickstart me since my 3 week running hiatus/holiday in February. The plan is to do yoga tuesday and thursday, a 5k on Wednesday, intervals on Friday and a long run 6k+ on Sunday.

A stupid barrier has been that my little running socks are getting holes in the toes and sometimes trying to find a pair is a struggle - so I bit the bullet and bought some socks from amazon. Took them out today - woa - it was like running on a cloud! One of my fastest 5k times and my fastest ever km!

And to think i almost didn't go because of the pollution.

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Are they More Mile socks, I swear by them? I have a size 3 shoe and because they are sized the 2-5 is perfect for me. Usually ladies socks 4-6 are no good what so ever, I used to buy kids socks 12.1/2-3.1/2 I was so please to find these which are shaped too and you get a L & R on them to keep you right ;) No more sore feet now.


I just checked and yes, they are! I laughed at the L & R as I am so bad at telling left from right it almost seemed like my socks had more of a clue than i did!

I never had problems with my little basic sneaker socks but there is no way i can go back there now... :)


I bought another style of MM just recently and was very annoyed that they didn't have the L & R on the front of them. It was only when I came back from badminton one night that I discovered when taking them off that the letter was on the inside at the back - duh I did in fact have them on the wrong feet and my feet were a bit sore, so that just goes to prove that the shaping in socks works for your feet. :) Happy feet means happy runners :) More Mile should use that as their slogan ;)


Haha! I'll watch out for that if i buy more - which i no doubt will!


I'll keep an eye open for these MM socks - anything that helps improve, or make more comfortable, the running would get my vote. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes.


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