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Bad run turned good :)

W7R3 - I usually use the podcast but decided to try the new spangly C25k App, so I set up my own playlist and tried a new route. Then it all went wrong...

Laura told me to run, then the app stopped (?), I hadn't saved my playlist properly so I had loads of really slow songs, and as I was on a new route, I didn't know where my 25 mins were up! Had to stop to check iphone, (as I may fall over if trying to sort it whilst running) so I was feeling a bit deflated, but the little voices from this forum carried me on.

I stopped and started a few times and got home to find my trusty Nike+ had recorded my first ever 5k (not all running), fastest mile, fastest 1k and longest time. Got about 8 Nike Awards this morning - clearly I'm a sucker for trophies :D

The old adage is true that there's no such thing as a bad run.

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I had a similar experience yesterday with first time use of app. Yesterday on the wk5r3 I never heard from Laura after the warm up so just ran till the end of my play list , won't be using it again. .


Had similar last night

Pressed play nothing

Opened podcast all ok

Then had both playing 5 mins apart

Had to laugh

The distraction maybe helped


This is exactly what happened to me on my first 25min run. Really annoying (altho I did 27mjns it turned out). It's so annoying. I was really excited about playing my own music. Especially now I am doing longer runs.

Has anyone managed to get it to work properly I wonder?


I've been using the app on my iPhone 4 for about 4 weeks now and have just got to the end of week 6. I haven't had any problems with it. I switched from the podcasts because I just couldn't stand the music on them !


I went around the Uni parks so I guess I lost the signal a bit (would this effect the app?), this happened when I first started c25k using a different app, never knowing when I should stop/start and music levels louder than instructions, really bad when you're new to running and miss the most important instruction to stop!!

Back to the podcasts for me for the final 2 weeks then I'm zombie running around the parks until it gets dark again :)


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