Overcoming post-Graduation blues

I've had a bout of post-Graduation blues :(

Having graduated C25K a couple of weeks ago I struggled to get motivated without Laura's encouragement and some sort of goal to aim for. I kept up with 3 runs a week but following the excitement of graduating from C25K each run felt like it wasn't quite right. I looked at the 5k+ podcasts and tried Stepping Stone which I found too slow once I had completed it a couple of times. I downloaded a Bridge to 10k programme but the week 1 podcast crashed after 12mins of playing on my mp3 player.... and I struggled with finding a new route to run to keep my interest up....I was wondering if I would ever get back into the swing of things.

Anyway I am pleased to report that today I had a great run!

I have fixed the B210k podcast by playing it on my slightly bulky phone instead of my mp3 player and found a new route though some not-too-muddy footpaths.

Hooray! I am back on track and looking forward to the next run.

I wondered if anyone else had tips for overcoming the post graduation blues?

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  • I've read similar posts on here before so you are not the only one. Setting yourself a new goal seems to be the key to success and keeping going. Its not easy but you have managed to overcome it and are making big strides to longer distances, well done :)

  • Thanks for the encouragement, Oldgirl! Reading posts on here has always given me a lift.

  • I gave up last autumn for a couple of months after graduating in the summer, I simply could not find time or motivation. When at last I decided to try again at new year, I found I had a new attitude - not so much going through a programme, but I was simply enjoying being able to run for about 30 minutes with no pressure and no aches and pains!. I now love running without headphones - listening to the birds, watching my breathing, and feel a great sense of freedom about it all. I would never have got to this point without Laura previously motivating me every time I ran. However, its even more amazing to find your own motivation from within, when you just feel great that you can actually run! So glad you found your mo-jo again ! Celebrate it !!:)

  • Thanks Yeshe. Glad you are keeping up the running too! -I have not tried running without a podcast or music in my ears to keep me going and drown out the sound of my heavy breathing! I really like your idea of a "no pressure", "just enjoy it" style run. I think I will set aside time for an au natural run once a week to enjoy just running. Thanks for your help.

  • I also found it difficult to get into the flow after graduation. I didn't really want to work hard on speed (although I did a few) and the other one (not sure if stepping stones) was too slow. I didn't want to run more than 5k, etc, etc. Finally I decided to just enjoy running, no pressure. On any given day I would tell myself today I run for minimum of 15 or 20 or 30 minutes, depending how I felt. I stopped listening to music and just enjoyed the runs. It was amazing how quickly I added 5 or 10 minutes here and there and found myself quite quickly up to running for an hour.

    We're all different, it's a matter of playing around and seeing what works for you. Glad you found your mojo, don't forget to pop back on here anytime you misplace it, that's what I do ;-)

  • Thanks vixiej. I think I definitely need to relax a bit about the running. It seemed so strange when you have spent 9 weeks working up to a goal of running for 30 minutes and then I was at a loss as to what to focus on next. If the Bridge to 10K doesn't work out I am going to focus on just enjoying the run! thanks

  • I found I needed a new goal so it was getting to 10k so I made a plan, and bought audio fuel ( silky Steve) to get me there. I was the same after completing my HM's so I've booked a marathon for October...with a plan. So stick to your plan and ALWAYS have a personal goal to aim for is my best advice. Good luck!

  • Thanks for the advice, juicyju. I feel the same, I need a goal to work to so 10k here I come. Thanks for the tip about audio fuel- I will have a look. Good luck for the marathon- very impressed!

  • Someone else posted recently that they repeated C25K but upped their speed. For example: week 1 was done as fast run/jog rather than jog/walk, etc & this helped them. The plus point is you still get to listen to Laura

  • Thanks tanyag. This is a great idea to build up my confidence before moving onto a longer distance plan. :)

  • It may be that signing up for a park run or charity run will help your motivation. Good luck whatever you decide. Best wishes.

  • Thanks for the encouragement, Fitmo. I have looked up Park Run's near me in the past and keep thinking I will sign up.... but I'm apprehensive about running with others. I think I will have to get over it and give it a go. I see from the forum many people love Park Run's so I think you are right it ould be a great boost to the motivation. -Hmm, lots to think about!

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