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Post graduation running

I graduated about a month ago, and have continued to run 3 times a week since, using week 9 as a guide. I now feel to be struggling to run for a full 30 mins, and so am doing a mixture of running and walking. The heat and humidity doesn't help as it is in the high 20's when I go out at 7.30 in the morning, but I am beginning to feel a bit disillusioned with it. I had hoped that post graduation I would be able to just keep adding a few minutes extra on each time, and eventually get up to the 5km. Ideally, I need more podcasts as I find it easier when Laura tells me I have run for 10 mins etc. has anyone else struggled to maintain 30 mins post graduation, and any ideas to push forward as I don't want to give up now?

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Have you tried upping your time once a week? You got through the programme by progressive overload, why stop now? Don't do it every run, just do as you suggested - tack on 3 minutes extra to every third run.

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Maybe you want to try some new things? I reckon that you are getting tired and bored.

Instead of repeating W9 every time, mix it up a bit. Why not create a schedule of three runs per week: one long, slow leisurely run, one short leisurely recovery run, and one 5km run with intervals (you could try running to C25K W1 or W2 podcast) where you jog (when you were walking) and run fast (when you were jogging). C25k+ podcast or B210K may be suitable (or not).

Have a look on some of the running websites like or ?? and find some new routes. Have 5 or 6 in your head and just run the one that you feel like running. Don't keep going back over the same route every time. Or look on the OS map for your area and invent a new route that takes you past some landmarks.

Try running without any music.

Try running with headphones and audio books or non-C25K podcasts.

Join a running group, or find a running partner.

Basically, anything to break the monotony.

Finally, there's nothing like signing up for a 10km run to give you the motivation to download a training plan and have a new goal.

Whatever you do, don't add more than 10% distance each week to your total.


Hi there, MarkyD has some great tips. Don't stress yourself about having to add the odd walk in, listen to your body and see how you go. Don't add more than 10% in distance each week. I signed up to a 10k for charity before I finished C25K, it's good to have a goal to keep you motivated!

I joined a local running group - which was to get beginners to 10K, it was amazing, met some great people and we were all really supportive and at a similar stage. Also there are meet up groups in your area for runners - should have something (I'm trying my first one tonight!). Or try a park run?

You've done so well to get to where you are now, it would be a shame to feel too despondent about it, work towards a goal and go for it!! Have fun and enjoy :)

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Thanks for your replies, I have downloaded a b210k app so will try that the next time I go out and see how I get on.


There have been reports of C25K graduates struggling with the 10 minute intervals used in the first week of B210K Nobody really knows why this happens - I suspect it is because of "overconfidence" :) So - go at the B210K programme in the same way as you did C25K - nice and slow!!

I also got a bit tired of running non-stop sometime after I graduated. I did a Jack Daniels plan as part of my overall effort to run a 10K race - this had me doing 1Klm and 1 mile intervals ( at tempo pace , not interval pace!!!) - and I also did parkrun every Saturday .


I agree change music, routes, try park run, add 10% each week. (although I just added 5 minutes each week for 2 weeks so I could run 5k then sped up a bit to run 5k faster) I still use the week 9 podcast quite often I use it for 35 minute runs and add my own cool down, I like Laura's encouragement and updates of time !! Hope you find something ! ;)


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