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Well after a week of dodgy Internet Connections I am finally home and able to get a good connection.

As some of you know, this week has not been easy. After the first run of the week I had lost my running mojo and seriously considered giving up running completely. I was on holiday, running in a totally new place, walking up and down cliffs, eating too much of the wrong things and thinking to myself "Why go running when your supposed to be relaxing" even the thought of graduation week was not enough to get me going.

After a few warming comments on this forum, I decided to do the second run. Both runs were not easy. Most of the area was slopes and very little flat which did not help and my mojo had still some way to go to returning.

Thursday was a rest day and although the thought of running did not have me jumping for joy, it did not fill me with dread like earlier in the week.

Friday dawned and with it rain for the first time during the programme. What a test. Would I get up?..........Yes I did. 5.30 - Got dressed, quick drink of water, wrapped the mp3 player in a sandwich bag (to keep it dry) and off I set.

Rain had turned to intermittent drizzle (so still no run in proper rain) ground was wet so kept to the roads.

The first 5 min were hard as was the steep inclines on the route. Thought of packing it in but then thought "Hold on, this is your graduation run, just 25 min to go" I also thought of Miles Yonder who would have already graduated even at that early hour, treemouse and runner56 who would be graduating on that day as well, so slowly but surely each 5 min passed until Laura said "just 5 min to go" so I headed for the cliff top for my grand finish.

Laura said that was it - I had done it!!!!!!!! A double fist pump in celebration and a beaming smile to boot. Finishing on top of the cliff over looking Durdle Door and Portland Island - perfect.

After 9 weeks it was done. Running for 30 min non stop. It was not fast and not sure how far I ran but that did not matter, it was done. I would not have believed it possible looking back at struggling to run for 1 min in week 1.

I would not say my running mojo has returned fully, but now being back home, getting back into a routine again may help. Will have to wait until Monday to answer that.

During the 9 weeks I can only recall one run which I enjoyed fully. There have been runs which were good and bad and then runs which were all bad. I have not stopped wearing heavy jogging bottoms and a top which is 3 sizes too big, I have run slower than a snail on Sunday. I have felt sick after some runs, shattered, worn out and sweating profusely but I have kept going.

So to those who are starting out or on the early stages keep going. It is worth it. You will feel better and look better (so I am told. I cannot see any changes but others tell me they can).

I just want to say thank you for all your support on this forum. Some very good words of wisdom and encouragement from many of you. In particular KittyKat007 who has helped me this week and my fellow runners in arms, Miles Yonder, treemouse and runner56 for keeping me going.

To my brother Andy who introduced me to this programme and started running the same day as m but had to stop due to a knee injury and of course Laura for her words of encouragement, if not her taste in music.

All the best to everyone on this forum and I hope you all continue to succeed in your running

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Good work man! Buy yourself some spiffier clothes in reward! You dont have to fo all Lycra running tights like DanZargo, just clothes that fit!


Many many congratulations Redskins not just for graduating but also for continuing to run even though your heart clearly wasn't in it. That's a real display of grit and determination. Nilzed is absolutely right: go out and buy yourself some swanky new running gear. You'll be much much more comfortable when you run and it will be an incentive to continue running regularly in the coming weeks. Very best of luck for your future running adventure.


Congratulations! Your whole journey is testament to your dedication and determination...


Well done Redskins, you should be very very proud of yourself. Yes, go buy yourself some nice running stuff, you will be more comfortable . Good luck in your future running adventures ! Congratulations , very inspiring post ! :-) xxx


Congratulations. Massive well done for getting out there when you didn't feel like it. Like others have suggested treat yourself to some running clothes that fit, so you will be more comfortable when you run, plus spending money on something is a good incentive to keep going. Now pick a new goal and work towards that, doesn't have to be anything major, just something to keep you motivated - for example mine is to keep going out and to do park runs regularly.

Really well done and keep running


what a lovely blog, a very bif well done....I so hope you will continue to run as the benefits will continue to pile on and you will find yourself enjoying it more and more..... :)


Thanks KittyKat007.

Your words are so encouraging. In fact I am sat here tonight feeling my mojo returning. How I have missed this forum. I need to remember why I started running and the progress I have made

Thanks for the link for the shorts, that's the kind I would wear

Thank you again for your support and encouragement

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CONGRATULATIONS dear Redskins! Very, very very WELL DONE! I was wondering how you'd got on! I'm so thrilled for you, well done. Feels great, doesn't it? And, of course, your graduate badge suits you marvellously! I'm so pleased to hear you got through it okay - and worry not, the first five minutes is difficult for me too, so it's certainly not just you. I know it's not been easy for you but you did it and you graduated in style somewhere different and really nice, so well done!

I echo the thoughts of others: treat yourself to some fancy new running kit, to celebrate, and also as further incentive to keep all the good work up! I'm not a fan of Lycra either; I just wear a technical running shirt and shorts, socks and running shoes. (Get yourself a proper pair of those too if you haven't already, if you can, with a gait analysis at a specialised running shop) That's pretty much all you need. The general rule seems to be: the brighter the better!

Again, congratulations. Do keep it up now and continue all the fantastic hard work you've put in. Keep posting here and remember we're all here to cheer you on! Happy running, always! :-)


Thank you Miles. It has been a pleasure to run with you over the past 9 weeks. Your posts have certainly helped me to continue running.

I will certainly invest in some new gear - but not to bright!!!!!

I wish you every success in your future runs and look forward to seeing your post graduation posts


Well done and a hearty congratulations to you, my fellow graduate. I had been slightly concerned when you didnt check in on Friday.

A brilliant graduation post. I felt every step of that while reading through. You are a testament to the programme and your determination to complete is a great to read.

It has been a pleasure running these 9 weeks with you and our other grads and I hope to read more of your running stories in the future. Now, as the others have said, get out there and treat yourself :D


Thanks runner56 for the concern.

It has been a pleasure to run with you as well. This programme works very well and I will promote it as much as possible.

I hope you continue to enjoy your running and achieve your goals


Thank you all for your kind words. There is no way I could of completed this programme without your support


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