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First Post Graduation Run


Hi All, went out and did my first run since Graduation at the weekend, really pleased, I struggled as usual for the first half but it did include a hill, but it evened out as I went round. The good news is I ran 5.02km in 51.36secs, slow I know, but wanted to get the 5km under my belt. We were so excited at doing the 5K we walked back to the wrong car park , so in all I did 7k . Played my own playlist did my five minute warm up walk to Elvis Presley G I Blues, silly old fool or what :-) :-)

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Hi Pat and wow you did the 5k ... wish I had the dancing icon from skype for a celebratory dance. CONGRATULATIONS!

Pat184Graduate in reply to DeliaItaly

HI Delia.Thanks it was quite a struggle today. But a few months ago we had a lovely man at our exercise class, who gave us a demonstration on tai chi , and the music was lovely, so I downloaded it from Itunes, put it on my playlist and when I was getting out of breath I play it and it really calmed me down. Pat :-)


Thats brilliant, well done you and dont worry about the speed; you have just achieved something really special! Congrats!

Pat184Graduate in reply to SBG356

Hi SBG356, thanks for your support, I know I should not worry about speed but when you have been one of life's doers its very hard. Pat


Thats great Pat - took me ages to attempt 5K and I've still only managed it once! I would also say don't worry about the speed (I am slow too) its the fact you have been moving for over 50 mins that counts ~ how fab is that :)

Pat184Graduate in reply to doggymum

Thanks doggymum for all your support Pat :-)


Well done Pat. Wow you kept moving for 50mins!! That in it's self is something to celebrate. I nearly collapsed after 25mins this morning.

Pat184Graduate in reply to AnnaDJ

Hi AnnaDJ. After my first 25mins I was physically sick ,went home to bed and woke up with a terrible head, but I survived, good luck you, will get there Pat. :-)


Well done Pat, getting that first 5k under your belt is such a great feeling!

Pat184Graduate in reply to AliB1

Thanks Pat :-)

Wow! 50 minutes solid - I am still st the stage of dreading week 5, so I'm massivley in awe! Well done!

Pat184Graduate in reply to Rollertoaster

Hi there, I felt just the same, take it slow and you will get there.Pat :-)


Well done Pat. It's a great feeling and such an inspiration to others too. I just graduated and already two people I work with have downloaded the podcasts and are starting on their journey so I'll cheer them all the way, just like the lovely welsh-woman and others did for me.

I feel good da da da da da - and I am sure you do toooo.


Well done Pat, you should be very proud of running for 50 minutes - that's great stamina (& a hill too, you're braver than me!). :-)


Way to go Mum.. :-) (wrong car park indeed, what a pair!! )


Just had to say - the badge looks good! And well done on your 5K run. You're a legend!

Pat184Graduate in reply to Soozz

Thanks soozz. Been and had my gait done and new running shoes. See what tomorrow brings Pat


Well done Pat, that's brilliant. :) I managed 5K for the first time last week and it took me about 50 minutes too, but it's great to finally smash that target. :D Hope I can do it again now. ;)

I've been wondering about doing Tai Chi. Any tips?

Pat184Graduate in reply to Legion

Hi Legion.We only had the chappie as a stand in for one night ,it was very relaxing and the music was really lovely. Pat

LegionGraduate in reply to Pat184

I've booked in for Tai Chi now, but it's not until the week after next.

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