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Starting week 3 tomorrow

I had a peek at the schedule for week 3 (which I start tomorrow, having been delayed by hideous weather) and see that there are THREE minute runs in there! I'd thought the steps were in .5 increments, so that's a shocker. Any tips?

One thing I was wondering was whether there's any point in trying to run a little faster? I've been going quite slowly up to now, but is there a possibility that lumbering along actually makes things a bit more difficult? Not sure I could manage ratcheting things up, but I'd be interested to hear what people think.

I had a gait analysis done and got new shoes last week (following good advice from members here). The original shoes, it seems were far too big and the new ones actually fit properly. Time will tell how much difference they make!

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My tip: STOP looking ahead and scaring yourself :) !

Just trust the programme and as long as you have done the sessions comfortably then you will be good and ready for the next stage. You will be amazed when you look back and see how far you have come on. You'll be doing 30 minutes non-stop eventually. And you will feel great!

The best advice I was given when I started was to keep 'Slow and Steady'. This is not a race, there is no need to push too hard. Just make small but consistent improvements in your fitness and you will reap huge benefits very soon.

Work in the moment and ENJOY THAT. Do NOT look ahead at future weeks, what's the point of worrying yourself?


Thanks, Beek. Advice duly noted, and greatly appreciated.


I agree with Beek, slow and steady does it, work on speed later.x


Every week I look at the runs and think I won't be able to do them, and so far I have managed them all! Just go slow and steady, plenty of time to gain speed later :-) That's what I'm hoping anyway. Good luck!


Take it slow and steady and you will be fine. Good luck and best wishes.


Take it steady and consistent but no need for speed! Take one step at a time , one run at a time and enjoy the buzz you will get from completing each run . Good luck!


Thanks so much, everyone, for all the advice. This forum has added a new layer to the running, with all the help and support you're all providing. It makes such a difference to hear from people who've done it already. Tomorrow is w3 r1. Better get some sleep ...


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