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week 3 getting twingy kind of knee pain - should I be worried??

hi, i completed w3 r2 Wednesday and i started getting twingy knee pain since. Im actually quite disapointed as I got new proper running shoes last week and im confident they are right as I had my gait analyzed. they are mild support (saucony progrid phoenix 5). is this knee pain probably just as im running on paths or do you reckon it could be linked to my shoes? or unrelated? I do spend lots of time on my knees during the day (I have a 1 year old and 3 year old) so could it be coincidence?

Prior to getting the saucony shoes, i was running in some old nikes which ive had years. they were more fashion trainers and had no support. I started getting some ankle pain on impact during week 2 and thought it was time to get the new shoes. In the shop and round the house prior to going out they felt great and during the first run in them they were ok too.

Im due to do my third run of the week tonight but im wondering whether to take an extra rest day what do you guys think?

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Check out the blog by BX4tr about going to the doctors, written today. It is really informative. I have been taking an anti inflamatory too and this has helped me. Also lots and lots of water! Iam sure the pain is just extra stress on your knees as you run for longer. Put some ice on your knees too after your run, when in the shower, put the cold shower head onto your knees! Good luck and keep posting! :)


I had a twinge in my knee at about week 3 felt I shouldn't push it so gave it a good few days rest. I also bought a knee support (just the elastic bandage kind) and wore that a bit during the day and during my first couple of runs after symptoms. Thinking about it I also changed trainers so not sure if that has something to do with it. Hasn't reoccured and now on week 5 run 3


Mine has been twinging since week 3, but looking up the symptoms I'm hoping it is a week muscle (can't remember what it's called), so found some exercises to strengthen it - "back step up exercises" if you want to google it. Hoping this might solve the problem... Mine is twinging on the inside of the knee, so yours might be totally different, but there is quite a few sites giving you exercises based on your exact symptoms. And yes, I found an Ibuprofen before going out does help.


I got the twinge at the end of week 3, ran through it a couple of days ago on week 4 its now worse.

First time round on C25K i got the pains around week 7. Rested a week and it was fine.

Get some icepacks on ebay and wrap them round it sooths the inflammation. Dont run until it feels 100% fine while walking.


thanks again for all advice, i waited an extra rest day and it felt a lot better, did run 3 and felt fine. I will definatley consider ice packs if it comes back


These are just a few suggestions/comments. Be sure that you do leg stretches before starting and after finishing each session. You may also want to strengthen your leg muscles by doing squats, lunges, and leg curls. You don't need exercise equipment to do these, and they definitely will help your running.


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