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Wk 8 Run 3 Nice one!

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Oooooooh! Only 3 runs to go...

This one was so much better than the week 7 runs and the first two week 8-ers, which had all been fairly hard work. It made all the difference that I was in a positive mood when I started (doh!). I hadn't planned on doing it near work, so I didn't have my ipod, but did have the polar buff that I'd left in the car just in case. Good move! I didn't have my running shoes either, but I've found that my everyday Ecco shoes are actually really comfortable for my sort of padding along running.

So, no Laura, no garmin, just my watch and me, and the cold air. And I actually enjoyed most of it! By minute 6 I was getting into a rhythm (it usually takes at least ten minutes for anything like that, so that was great). I ended up getting pretty warm - running along holding the buff, a scarf and my fleece for the second half of the run!

I did consider going on to 30 minutes, but decided I'd stop at 28, as it was a convenient corner for route measuring back at home, though I could have gone on a bit more. (Pace has sneaked up to the stunning heights of ... 6 kph / 3.75mph - 10 min per km, 16min for a mile, or 50min for 5k. I think those conversions work anyway.)

So - just 3 runs to graduation. Here I come!

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Yippeeee!!! It doesn't matter how fast you go. You are a runner, my dear! :-) Excellent progress! Gayle

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Thanks, Gayle. :)

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Nearly there, this time next week you could have your badge :O)

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greenlegsGraduate in reply to WepreRunner


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Well done! :) You're ahead of me now.

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greenlegsGraduate in reply to runningwild

Sorry about that! Hope your legs are recovering nicely and you'll catch up fast! :)

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runningwildGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Ha ha! Yes should be back out on Saturday, missing running now


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wow - I haven't logged on for a couple of days and all of a sudden you're nearly a bloomin graduate :-)

fantastic, well done greenlegs, look forward to hearing all about your WEEK 9 !!!! runs

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Welcome to Grad Week Greenlegs!! :) Being in a positive mood before a run really makes a lot of difference you are right. Glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to reading your Grad blog next week ;)


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I like the sound of 'Grad Week'. :) How on earth did I get here? Can't quite believe it really!

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Great progress, don't you think? Graduation seems to happen all by itself during week 9, as you know now that you can definitely do it. I'll look for the badge!

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How is it I miss your blogs when you post them, only spotting them hours later?

Delighted for you Greeners, I had the impression you were struggling lately but I can feel the joy in this blog!

I shall raise a glass to your graduation blog!

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Oh well done greenlegs! You are so close to graduation, well done. It sounds like a lush run, relaxed and free. I just left a comment on Anniemurph's blog about the power and beauty of just running for pleasure and health rather than to beat anything or anyone. I think it is so important. I will take a leaf from your tree (as a friend of ours used to say lol;)

Best wishes

Jems x

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3 runs to go, now that sounds quite special! If I squint I can almost see the badge.



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