Couch to 5K

Week 8 Run 1 finished so FORGET about those bad runs from Last Week !!

After a terrible Week 7 run 2 on Tuesday, I decided to go back to me old running shoes as my calfs and shins were burning after just 15 minutes in my new ones. I have since finished Week 7 run 3 without too much trouble and Week 8 run 1 this morning went well, just falling short of the full 5k by a couple of hundred metres ( the old shoes doing the business) I will have to really take a look at my news shoes, even if they were selected after a full gait analysis etc. and maybe give them another try this week. So to anyone who has just had a bad run and felt a little down about it, don't worry as your next run will be fine and you can get back on track. I felt really down after my bad run during the week, but it as if the disappointment of the bad run spurred me on to have that little extra determination to conquer the next one. Good luck !!

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well said...and perhaps take the shoes back, that doesn't sound right....


WELL DONE! a good lesson on how not to let a bad run get to you! thankyou:)


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