Finished Week 1 - Ready for Wk2


I finished the third run of Week1 this evening - in the drizzle. On the previous runs I've had my BF along with me, to keep me motivated (he's already a runner....really proud of him incidentally just did his first sub 24 minute Park Run today), so I was pleased that I kept going without him to encourage me tonight. 

After run 2 my calves were really sore, so I invested in some proper running shoes....including having my gait checked. I have to say, what a difference. Yes, my calves were still complaining but it wasn't agony and I didn't need to drop down to speed marching in the running sections like I had to in run 2.

Looking forward to seeing what next week will bring...any advice for starting the next bit?



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  • Just keep it slow and steady.

    Week 2 mentally felt a bit better for me because I was only tortured 6 times over!!

    Well done going out alone and well done to the BF- superb park run time :) 

  • I haven't listened to the podcast yet...are there only 6 runs instead of 8? 

  • Yep :) Wee bit longer but only 6 reps. Sorry I gave that away!

  • Well done!

    I was out with my wife today, she did w2r2 and said she found it a bit better with the 6 runs. She also had leg ache in the early stages of w1, not so much now.

    BF did good on the Parkrun, keep up the good work you 2!😊

  • Yeah - well done😊🎉🎉🎉

  • Well done Kitk keep up the good work and take it slow

  • I've just finished week 1 too, but I was lucky and didn't get wet tonight.  It's exciting isn't it :-D

  • I found the jump to week 2 hard but doable. Believe in yourself.  I'm only on week 4 but so far have found the programme to work and prepare you for the next stage - though it is tough! But go slow. - I struggled with week 2 run 1 as I started too fast!! 

  • Everyone has said "go slow" to me and I've tried to, but I find it hard to go slowly as I find when I slow it down too much I end up running kind of flat footed and not putting my heel down first, which ends up giving me calf cramps...any advice?

  • Week 2 is definitely doable, feels different (I just did W2R2 in the rain yesterday, so definitely different!) because there are only 6 runs it feels like it passes a lot more quickly! 

    Good luck for week 2 😄

  • I finished week 2 on Friday and found run 1 hard but runs 2 and 3 much easier. The overall running time is not much more than for week 1 runs, and my body seemed to be getting used to this new running lark! I'm doing strength and stretch on the none running days and that is very gentle but I think really helps.

  • I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully the calf pain should ease up now I've got proper trainers. Also think I was a bit achy as I've also been re-landscaping my front garden this week - so I've been demolishing a rockery, hauling about a couple of tonnes of stone and digging up a lawn! #nothingbyhalves!!! Lol

  • W1R1 or 2 help required. I started on Friday with Sarah M directing me in my ear on the treadmill - I changed to Jo W today and went to our local track but this has registered on the app as my first run not second. Can any one suggest how to log both runs for this week? Many thanks. 

  • Just a suggestion Pogol , why dont you use the NHS C25k podcasts from here ?

     You have the added bonus of the lovely Laura :-) xx

  • Yep the NHS one has you listen to the same podcast 3 times. Really easy. I also log how far I've gone using Endomondo or MapMyRun. 

  • Well done Kit, I would carry on with what youve been doing already, its got you this far !

    Try and keep your breathing calm and dont forget the stretches after .

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP...I've been pleased with my breathing actually as I do have asthma but I've not needed my inhaler yet at all. :-)

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