Couch to 5K

W9R2 done but its just too HOT!!

Like many others I am suffering in this heat. I went out early this morning but really struggled. By body and my brain had a massive argument this morning, body screaming stop running, brain (trying to remain calm) saying its ok you will make it! During the argument I became quite emotional and at one point did wonder why I was putting myself through all of this but then I concentrated on all the positives and plodded on trying to find as much shade as possible. What really helped was other runners who were out and about , and not wanting to look much of a shambling mess pushed myself on trying to look as if I was in control! My OH bless him (on his bike) was giving me loads of encouragement and between us completed the 30mins.

Just 1 more run to go until Graduation - cant believe it!!!!!!

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BRILLIANT!!!! Well done, you're sounding like a true pro with loads of determination and will power!! Go for your graduation!!! ;D


I am keeping everything crossed :)


Really well done! You've chosen the hot season to graduate!! Good luck on that final run x


thank you - I will be running again on tuesday and the weather is still forecast to be warm, so I think i shall be up extra early!


Great determination, well done. Jogging in the heat is very much a strength and mind over matter situation, it really does sap your energy and leave you wondering "What on earth am I doing to my poor body?" The good points is it takes much more energy so burns more calories cos its like running in a sauna and the sheer sense of achievement once done is immense.

All the very best for your graduation run, plenty of water to drink before you leave and try and get under some tree cover if possible it will help. Look forward to hearing you've done it very soon.


Personally for me, runs 1 and 2 of week 9 were the worst runs ever and they were nothing to do with heat. Graduation run was just a bit dodgy towards the end but generally since then I have sort of enjoyed all my runs, so try not to beat yourself up over it and as long as u drink plenty when you aren't running, other than avoiding the hottest part of the day there's not alot more you can do.

I have been trying to lay off the alcohol a little bit the night before a run and definately drinking more water.

One last thing is not to expect too much of yourself, yes aim for running for 30 mins but don't beat yourself up about how far you get. Good luck and hopefully enjoy your graduation run


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