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Mud, sweat, darkness and...face paint?

Evening all!

Bit of a cheeky one today: next weekend my best friend Gina and I are doing the Spooky Sprint for Parkinson's UK, which is 10k for me and 5k for her (she's a new runner and it's her first race) in the dark on Halloween. We're doing it because we've jumped at the excuse to dress up and mess about since we were at uni together 10 years ago, and this seems as good an excuse as any to purchase hideously shiny Lycra leggings with bones on, and glow in the dark face paint (if it stays on the faces of sweaty ravers it can handle sweaty runners too, right?!).

However, we're also doing it because last year Gina and her fiancée watched his dad die from problems related to his Parkinson's Disease. We're doing it because instead of him playing with his band at their wedding this summer, he was there as a lump in 80 throats and an aching absence, and because that's only one grief in the context of many - there are loads and loads and loads of families who lose people they love to this disease and research remains underfunded and way too low-profile. So if anyone felt able to donate, it really would be appreciated and our just giving link is as follows:

Also, if anyone has experience of running in full face paint whilst also possibly crying and not looking a total mess afterwards, pass on your tips! Also if anybody's managed to retain a Frida Kahlo inspired headdress for 6 miles whilst maintaining 8 to 9 minute miles, give me your wisdom!

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Hi there tea fairy, and well done! That's a great idea, and for a very good cause. I'll check out your link.

As for the make-up, warning: I've never done it myself, but a friend ran with make-up and it gets mixed up with the sweat and is very painful if the combination runs into your eyes.


Thanks for the warning! We've got quite pricey sensitive-skin water-based face paint for the main bits, so will maybe try that on my forehand and then keep the cheapie fluoro stuff below eye level! And maybe wear a sweat band so I can wipe it off my head if it starts dripping?! Will post before and after pics when we're done :)


Hello ttf - not cheeky at all. My father had Parkinson's and it made his last few years so very grim. I understand what your friend and her husband and family have had to go through. Have checked out your link. If I ever feel strong/mad enough to take on a marathon I will fundraise for this charity!

So a Day of the Dead costume? Sounds excellent. I can't really advise on head dresses and warpaint. Though can you sport a Frida Kahlo-inspired monobrow, somehow cunningly fashioned out of a sweatband, to stop the slap running into your eyes?


Thanks so much TT! They endorse various fundraising runs of less-than-marathon length and

from the communication/race packs it seems they're well organised and friendly - you could do a shorter one?

Yes, Catrina/Day of the Dead dressing up is happening and your monobrow solution has me giggling with delight! Might just give it a go 😊


I was so nearly going to sign up to do the Royal Parks Half on a charity place, but the minimum target was quite high and I kept getting niggly injuries, so chickened out... but I will do it one day.

I do hope we get to see some photos of the costume!


Costume is fairly minimal (leggings with bones and race tshirt) but am hoping to do face/body paint 🎃🕸👻


Sorry - have no experience of any of those things!! :) but can't wait to see the before and after photos!

Sounds like fun - tho not sure I'd fancy the dark


I think we get a head torch, plus the moon was full yesterday so will still be quite big 🌔✨


Just donated but managed to miss the bit where I could leave a message, so - good luck to you both!

I've got my first 'race' on Friday which is also a Halloween run. We can compare notes!


Thanks so much! And have a great time on Friday. Look forward to hearing about it :)


I'd of run one if there was any in the area, but alas there isn't. My mum has Parkinson's and I used my ballot GNR place to raise money for them, also Parkinson's seems to be the charity donation at the moment on eBay so they got some extra money when I bought something this week ☺️ Good luck with the fundraising and the race! I'm afraid I don't have any makeup tips, I'm hopeless in that area 😉


That's good news about eBay and well done with your GNR.

And thanks for the luck. Girly makeup I am not so good with, but my training's in illustration, so painting is definitely in my comfort zone - just haven't had to use a canvas that sweats profusely before!!

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