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Panther swim in the woods 😻

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I’m normally an early morning runner but I barely slept last night so I left it till later after spinning ( which is a must on Sunday as buff Rob 😻 takes the class and shouts motivational quotes at us). My favourite is the three C’s - choice, challenge and change. He shouts it every week and it’s always a good reminder that we hold our own destinies.

It was pi$$ing it down all day and although I was tired I really fancied getting wet and really dirty in the woods for a mini adventure. So I did!!! I did a combo of run and walk and took the route that leads to an amazing view over the gorge. I jumped in the puddles head on, splashed and played and had some proper panthering fun. The woods looked so beautiful and the fresh air restored my fuzzy head.

So, if the weather looks bleak or you just don’t fancy it- go have an adventure and make yourself do something you haven’t done before.... dance, shout, jump in the puddles, wear something outrageous ( I love to do this), and have some fun ❤️

Happy Panthering



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And looking beautiful on it, despite drowned rat locks. Loved this post. Would have been happy to follow suit, but I draw the line at slush and snow.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to FlickM3

Thankyou so much... and yes thankfully it’s not slippery here....

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You're nuts JuJu (in the best way possible). Keep on pantherin'!

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to Lordi


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Looks amazing! You have such energy and a wonderful zest for life - very inspirational. Heavy sleet mist of the day here in Essex. Didn’t venture out as we already have one member of the family with a leg in plaster - don’t want to join them!

Love this, ever since The first post I read by you I knew I wanted to channel my inner panther. This post is what panthering is all about. 😀.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to Realfoodieclub


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It was great this morning also in the Sleet and Snow at Dorney Olympic Rowing Lake. Loved it.

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to tfcmagpie

Brilliant great start to the day!!

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Panthers really do love water 😉!

What a great run. Looks like you had a blast embracing your inner child 😊

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ju-ju-Graduate in reply to SaskAlliecat

Always!!! It gets us through life I think?

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Fabulous post! It's all about the fun in the end, isn't it? (Or at least, it should be!).

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....and I thought my route was wet & muddy 😂

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Fab photo 😊

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Lovely stuff! I ran on a trail for a bit on Saturday, couldn't believe how nice it was and what I've been missing. More of that I reckon :)

Thanks for the inspiring post!

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Wow, now that really is a fun adventure! One happy Panther :)

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