Couch to 5K


Just done my last run of the couch 2 5k :-)

A little bit of background... I'm mid 40s, just over 2 years ago I was hospitalised with multiple pulmonary embolisms (blood clots on my lungs) and without exaggeration would get out of breath just eating my dinner. So I got better but was still overweight and unfit. 5 months ago I decided that I'd give the c25k plan a go, I decided I'd take it easy and only progress to the next week when I felt happy to do so, so it's taken quite a while to get to the end.

Yes the 20 minute run seems like a big step up and that was the biggest hurdle, but when I went ahead and tried it I did it first time. As others say, believe in the program!

As seems fairly common, I'm under the 5k within the 30 minutes. According to runkeeper I'm about 4k, so the next step is to try and build up and get to 5k.

Anyway, where's my badge and certificate? :-)

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Congrats! Sending you a virtual medal :)


Well done. Claim that we'll deserved graduation badge.


Well done Rob! Its great isn't it! Enjoy your running and achieve your goals. x


Well done on Graduating. You must be very chuffed indeed. I bet you're feeling much better now!


Thanks everyone! When I think back to how knackered I was after the first run and how impossible it seemed to ever run for 30 minutes, it's just incredible...




well done your a runner now welcome


The Graduation badge can be requested from this page. Top right hand corner near the bottom of Pinned Posts column.

Well done you though on persevering and graduating with your original complications to hold you back.

Hang on to those happy feelings for as long as possible - great feeling isn't it?


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