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Graduation advice please

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Hi all

So I've decided that my w9r3 run next Saturday will be a park run.  I'm about to do w8r3 today and will probably run just under 4k.  

So my question is, as I probably won't get over 4k, should I maybe use w9r2 to see if I can get up to 5k as I reckon that will be around 40 mins and I'm worried that I'll land at the park run and it'll be too far.


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My advise would be to defineatly go for the Parkrun but don't worry about running the 5k, it's ok to stop after 30 minutes and walk the rest.

You will probably find that you run it easily and enjoy the sense of occasion being with so many other runners.

I graduated a month before my wife and she came along to our first Parkrun with the intention of running for 25 minutes (W6R3) and walking the rest of the way. Halfway around the course she tells me she is going to run the 5k and she did.

Go for it you will love it.

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Just see how it goes on the day. No shame in walking the last part, but you may find that the atmosphere carries you through. Good luck!

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I ran a couple of 5k's before graduation but I would leave a couple of rest days between runs. :) 

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Thanks folks - I will just follow the programme and as long as I run for 30 minutes at the park run, then I've still graduated.  If I manage the whole lot, then that's a bonus.   I hadn't even thought of that - I knew you guys would have great advice.  

Once I've finished the park run, it'll be straight home for a quick soak and then driving 320 miles to Cornwall - I hope I don't seize up in the car!!

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HeatherGrrrGraduate in reply to barmybint

I did exactly the same as you, and used parkrun as my graduation run with a view to running for 30min and then walking the rest if necessary. I ran the whole lot because I was enjoying it so much, and found that running with other people around encouraged me so much!

I was very fortunate though that my local parkrun is a very flat course - I'm not sure if yours is too, fingers crossed! If not just slow things down a bit maybe?

Good luck with week 9 and graduation - you'll feel amazing, it's such a great feeling to know you've DONE IT after all the weeks of building up to it. 😊🍀

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I graduated with a parkrun too, great way to do it!  On the day, adrenaline and peer pressure will sweep you along and you should be able to do 5k, it is just ur usual 40 minute run and run in a bit longer!  Trick is to set off steadily at a comfortable pace.  It will be challenging but fun.  Thing is, as you are using it to graduate, you need to run for 30 minutes without walking.  If u r struggling, u can always have a small walk break once you get to the 30 minute mark.  My parkrun took me 43 minutes which I thought was ok then and it didn't kill me, so u will live!!  Julie

Follow the programme to the letter. You will probably find you can do the Parkrun after anyway, but if you don't,  then walk a bit. The good thing about Parkrun is there is always another the next week if you want to improve on your time.

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As many have said follow the programme and if you have the energy to run the whole 5k then go girl!  

Go at a nice steady pace. When I completed the programme I ran 4.3k in 30 minutes. The key is to enjoy that final run, it really is a huge achievement, I had tears flowing down my cheeks as I went into the last minute, I had Gonna Fly Me playing on the head phones. It was a very proud moment.

A nice hot bath when you return home and some good stretches and I am sure you will feel amazing.

H x 

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I'm hoping that the change of venue, no headphones and other runners will push me along.  I will check my watch before I start and make sure I run for 30 minutes as a minimum, so that I can still graduate even if I don't run the full 5k.

Follow the program - that includes the 5 min warm up walk!  Don't worry about starting the run at a walk (lots of people do that at our run), it will be a good way to stop you storming off at too fast a pace.  Follow the program, run for 30 mins - at that point, you've graduated and what you do afterwards is up to you! :)

Have a great run!!

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