Pondering Graduation(s)

I was just thinking that, given I'm not terribly fast, perhaps I should have 2 graduations. Or, should I not graduate until I hit both milestones?

I'm currently on for doing 5K in about 35 minutes, I think. I have two more runs of week 9, if I can't get up to 5K in that time, would it seem greedy to have a '30 minute running' graduation AND then in a week or two (or however long it takes) have a '5K in 30 minutes' graduation too?

Or should I just ensure that on run 3 next week I keep going beyond 30 minutes until I hit 5K?

Decisions, decisions!! (to think that a couple of months ago I didn't think I'd really be able to run anywhere near 5K) :-)


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13 Replies

  • Oh no you DEFINITELY graduate once you do week 9 run 3! Couch to 5k is just a catchy title.

    Take it from one who knows (and who took about 2wks after graduation to get to 5k (in 42 mins and still can't do 5k in less than 30 but can now run for 90 mins!)

  • phew, that makes me feel better. But although we agree that I only graduate once, I can still celebrate twice, yes? :-)

  • Hi vixiej,

    I graduated on Thursday and it took me well over 30mins to do the 5k (not sure of official time, but I did my first park run today so hopefully that time will be something to work from!). Completing 5k in 30mins is one of my postgrad goals. I guess it is up to you, but it is definitely not cheating to graduate when you have ran for 30 mins 3 times in week 9. As others have said on here, c25k is a catchy name but to reflect most of the runners on here (me included) it would probably be more true to call it c2thirty minutes or 0-30 minutes!

    Whatever you decide, you are nearly there! Enjoy the rest of the programme :)

  • I will go with week 9 run 3 finish! You've convinced me, thanks :-)

  • I have always wanted my final run to be the one where I crack 5k in 30 minutes. I don't know if I will and I fully intend to try but at the same time, I also know I've become way too fixated with it and have to realise that this goal may not happen when I want it to. But that will keep me motivated. I'm going to have a crack at it tomorrow on my final run of week 8 and just carry on until I hit 5k and see what the time is, then week 9 will bring what it will. Either way I'll still be graduating a week today if I stay in one piece and complete the runs, but I also like the idea of two graduations. More excuses to celebrate eh? ;)

  • It is easy to get fixated on it, isn't it. I guess the key is to remember where we came from and be happy that we can run for 30 minutes and/or that we can run for 5K. It's good to have some post grad goals, so no shame if getting the 5K under 30 is one of them.

    I think I was just really looking for an excuse to celebrate twice - how shallow of me, but glad to see you understand , we should celebrate every achievement :-D

  • Not shallow at all - these are great achievements!

  • Hi vixiej, I graduated last night doing 5k in 35 minutes and I am over the moon about it! It was my fastest run ever - I originally wanted to crack it in 30 mins by this point, but just doing the 5k upon graduation, even though I had to run an extra 5 mins is more than respectable I think for someone who was on the couch 9 weeks ago. I will now make getting under 30 mins one of my post grad goals and don't you worry, I will be celebrating when that happens! :)

  • well done! I think I'm with you on that, just running 30 minutes OR 5K is amazing and it does give me another thing to celebrate later on! Congratulations on your graduation!

  • Hi vixiej, if I had to wait until I did 5K in 30 minutes to graduation I would be hoping for this to be running in the after life (no offence intended) cos I graduated in May and my 5K time is still 31:30'ish but I'm having fun working on a faster time. Enjoy your final runs and once week9/run 3 is completed you are a true and genuine graduate of C25K, all the best.

  • Thanks Oldgirl, I'm really looking forward to graduating later this coming week. I do get impatient, but it is hard work and I really enjoy that fact, so it's good to have the additional challenge.

  • Here is my plan, vixie. I had a graduation party after W9R3. I also had a graduation party a few days later when I ran just a bit past 30 minutes and hit my 5K. I am also planning another graduation party when I get my 5K down under 30 minutes. I think that after that point I will just have another graduation party because I deserve one for living through each of these milestones. By then, I will need to replace my running shoes. Hmmmmmmm, my new shoes will need a welcoming party, for sure!! What are new shoes without new socks? I better have a party for my socks, too!! I don't want them feeling left out!! New running top, you say? Yep, better have a party for it, too!! Get the picture????? :-)

  • smhall, you are so talking my language, thank you for an inspiring post :-D

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