Graduation, 5k then disaster!

Just over 2 weeks ago I did it!  I completed w9r3 and was thrilled to have graduated. A couple of months ago I struggled to believe I would ever be able to run for 30 mins. I haven't posted on here much but have been following the forum since week 3 and your posts have been an inspiration. Thank you!

On my 2nd graduation run I thought I'd try and run a bit further and was elated when I found I had run 5 k, not in 30 mins but still 5k! Then on my 3rd graduation run, disaster!! There was a couple of people walking in front of me, so I went onto the road to get past, then as I tried to get back onto the pavement  I tripped over the curb and fell flat on my face in front of the walkers. When I picked myself up I was surprised my most serious injury was my pride, although I did develop a lovely black swollen chin later. The walkers were very kind, but I was so embarrassed.

I have had a week off as I felt a bit sore, and to recover my nerve. I went out my first post fall run yesterday. Was very nervous, in fact it took me all morning to persuade myself to go for it, but I managed another 5 k when I finally got out, so ,hopefully I will feel a bit more confident next time. 


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6 Replies

  • Ouchy ! - those kerbs are a menace.

    But don't you know that it's a rite of passage to fall flat on your face at least once after graduation? Just best not to do it with an audience.

    Still, you've got it over with and won't need to do that again for a year or so.

    Hope your chin and pride heal quickly!

  • Ouch, falling happens to us all and apart from soreness, knocks our confidence, hope u r ok.  Running 5k is a great achievement, I ran that distance for a long time and it still challenges me.  I didn't try to run faster than was comfortable and speed improved naturally.  Hope ur next run is without too much excitement

  • oh no 😞 glad you got back out again though, and I'm sure it will become a distant memory to laugh about😊

  • Ouch.. they should keep pedestrians off our😁

    Well done for getting to 5k so quickly though, and don't  lose your are a proper runner and strong and capable. x

  • My son remarked when we were walking the other week that I always leap up kerbs. This is why, they scare me, so even when walking I leap higher than absolutely necessary. I am convinced that if I don't  leap up them, gazelle-like, I will end up face down on the pavement.

    You have my sympathy, but don't let this put you off, just jump a bit higher! :)

  • ouch - I ca relate to the feeling! ughhhh :-\  But wow!,  you run a 5K now!  Keep 'er going!  Good job!

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