************* Graduation *************

*************   Graduation   *************

I've had many awards for achievement in my life ranging from a certificate for swimming 10 metres to a degree. NOT ONE of them comes anywhere near the pride and happiness I feel at graduating with Couch to 5K.

When I began the program on April 5th it never occured to me that I'd run through to W9 R1 without having to repeat a run. I was so exhausted and breathless after each of the 1 minute runs in the first week and the 1.5 minutes in the second week that I thought I wouldn't get any further in spite of my blue inhaler, Then to my amazement, in week 3, my breathing started improve and my legs got the message too! From then on I began to feel more confident and spurred on by Greenlegs oft repeated mantra of "slow and steady" I ran/jogged through the weeks until W9 R1 - even notching up a 45 minute run as my last run in week 8! I was so looking forward to ending our holiday by running 5k however long it took me as my graduation run along the tow path in Cambridge with our son - until disaster struck in Dorset. I ended up in hospital for 5 days with a nose bleed and came home weak and wobbly and unable to think of running for a fortnight. These last few runs since then have been hard but I've been determined to give today's all I'd got. I was so wanting to run 3k that I ran through Laura's final warm down in case I hadn't made the 3k :-) Then when I pulled my mobile out I saw that the nice Mr Endomondo had recorded 3.5k in 36 minutes :-) I was overjoyed. A year ago this week I was 3.5 stones heavier and more like a sack of potatoes on the couch! and look at me now:-)

I have so many people to thank for my graduation success. Our elder son who told us he was worried about our weight and lack of fitness; our younger son who in November suggested C25K and encouraged me to "run" about 100m along the tow path. Then both sons for equipping us with the gear at Christmas thus ensuring that we'd have to do the program :-) . Again thanks to both sons have "cheered" us on our way with "proudnesses" as one of them kept writing - I'm SO grateful. Next in line is notpheidippides who has run with me. ( I say "with" but actually he's outrun me every week after week 1. He's cheered me on and promised his accompaniment as long as I want to run. (He did 5.7k in about 40 minutes this morning). Then I'm grateful to my GP a runner herself who has encouraged me every step of the way . I don't think though even with all that it would have been possible without the tremendous support and encouragement I've had from all of you on this forum. It's felt as if you were running with me sometimes; at others you've kept me going because I knew I'd feel guilty at having to report that I'd stopped...guilt comes very easily to me! Your own blogs have shown me that the program IS possible. I've rejoiced that so many of you have become real C25K graduates running the full 5k in thirty minutes or less and also been relieved that some of you have been just like me...slow and steady.

On Friday we're starting again at week 3 or 4 running on grass. I've never done that and if I want to do a park-run then I've got to get fit enough legs to do it:-) I'll keep blogging though probably not as frequently. Thank you all.

I've requested my badge but am still waiting for it to appear to complete my joy:-)


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39 Replies

  • Congrats. Really proud of you for doing it at this age!

  • Thank you,; that's so kind.

  • Lovely blog :) Well done and congratulations!

  • Thank you very much

  • Congratulations on this massive accomplishment! C25K is truly an amazing program and you are a true testament to that. Well done and best of luck moving forward in your fitness goals. :)


  • Thank you very much. All the best in reaching your goals too.

  • Fantastic blog that should truly inspire anyone. A great effort with a well deserved result. I have followed your blogs for the past few weeks as I am only about 10 days behind you.

    Well done and congratulations.


  • Thank you very much. Good luck for the rest of your runs.

  • Well done, and what great supportive people you have around you. Here's to further running fun for you both.

  • Thank you. It means so much to have my shiny green badge :-)

  • Yeah well done lycranotlikely, your looking good girl. I love the colour of your graduate Tshirt, you have very good taste. (same as mine) :) Don't wait too long to have a go at your park run, if your not sure about the surfaces etc why not have a run there beforehand to test it out. If you go into their site you will be able to find the route it takes.They really are a very friendly lot and always welcome new runners. Congratulations

  • Thanks for the "girl" bit!!!! I guess I'm a little older than you though :-)

  • Not too much and anyway age is just a number, right :)

  • Thank you so much Oldgirl. Your comments have meant a lot to me throughout my journey. I couldn't have chosen any other colour...I'm very much a reds and purples person.

    Part of this morning's run was the Wythenshawe park run. We've also walked the whole ruun so now we know what we're in for! But there is a lot of grass hence the decision to run well enouggh on that first. I don't want to take longer than 50 minutes if possible or (by looking at the results) I'd be keeping the back marker from his coffee!

  • Hey you've got your GRADUATE BADGE now too, woohoooooo :) I like your style and you have your priorities right, you can't keep a good person from their coffee!

  • What a brilliant result for you & for all those cheering you along your way - you have gone and done it - and you're quite right to feel so proud for sticking with it and achieving the graduation.

    Hopefully this will be just the start for you - I very much see C25k as being chapter 1 and now it's complete I have the rest of the book to read...

    Slow & steady certainly helped you - so keep going, & happy running.

    ... p.s. the graduate badge is looking good too...

  • Thank you. I feel I want a real badge to wear everytime I go out cos I can't really wear the tshirt all the time :-)

    Your encouragement along the way has been great.

  • Very well done! I've been following you too and I am so happy for your great achievement! You've given so much encouragement to others along the way, for which we are all grateful. All strength to you in whatever you do now!

  • Thank you so much. I've appreciated your suppport too. I hope it won't be long before that beautiful shiny green badge is lurking beside your name.

  • A.....ma......zinggggggggg!! Well done. What an incredible achievement.

  • Thank you :-)

  • Congratulations!!! Very well done! Welcome to the graduates group :) Doesn't it feel great to have this shiny green badge next to your name?

  • Woooohoooo, many many congratulations to our new graduate - complete with badge and t-shirt already LOL! :D

    Still haven't done my first ParkRun yet - everyone around this area must be on speed as I'd not only keep the tail runner from coffee, I'd probably cause a delayed start the following week! ;) Ran and walked the course again this morning (with a pal who's just starting out on C25K) ... It really is a mishmash of surfaces, so I can see the sense in getting yourself thoroughly familiar with grass etc - part of my local run is across a long grass meadow. Having had one broken ankle in the last 3 years, I don't relish another!

    Lots and lots of luck with your onwards and upwards progress ;) Cheers, Linda x

  • Thank you. You have been one of my mentors :-) Whenever you've commented it encouraged me to go on pushing.

  • Congratulations! Enjoy your next challenge and let us know how you get on. :)

  • Thank you

  • Well done - enjoy the moment. The badge looks great.

  • yes I think so too. So shiny :-)

  • congratulations! :) Well done on graduating!

  • Thank you. How's your journey towards the lovely shiny badge?

  • Well done - what a fantastic journey :) Loving the pink t-shirt, and of course the green shiny badge :)

    Enjoy working through the programme again on grass - with the added benefit this time that you already know you can cope with the step up each week! You'll have a blast at your ParkRun, I'm sure ;)

  • I hope so...but doubt it!!

  • Congratulations. how lovely that your sons were the initial drivers behind you starting. They must be so proud of you. I wish you good luck with the park run training and I hope you enjoy it when you do go for it. Tati x

  • Thank you Tati.

  • Congratulations. I have loved reading your blogs and look forward to reading about your new challenges :-)

  • Thank you. I've been enjoying yours too.

  • I have never in my whole life been prouder of you than I am now. You have done so amazingly well. Graduating C25K is a big part of it. Losing 3.5 stone is a big part of it. Finding your self confidence and determination to achieve something you didn't think you could do...that is the biggest thing. You brought me up believing in myself, and now I am so proud to see you do the same.

    Your eldest son


    p.s. you look absolutely fantastic!

  • Oh, my eyes were already feeling moist, from reading the blog and all the comments, but that last one from your son has really made me all emotional. :)

    It has been a privilege and a great pleasure to follow your journey. Be very proud, all of you. :)

    Slow and steady wins the day! :D

  • Thank you greenlegs. I think slow and steady will always and only win my day! But I don't mind. The fact that I am running is enough for me for now. I'm amazed at myself. Today I wore my capri pants for the first time and managed not to care a jot when people glanced at me or even when an acquaintance stopped to chat at the end of the cool down. I just think to myself "I'm a graduate and I'm running" and most of the people I meet are ambling round the park. I shall wear them every time now instead of hiding in long slack black running trousers.

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