thinking run

thinking run

i awoke this morning with the pre race nerves so i thought id run half the course .the sun was blazing and was quite warm and after the first ten minutes i started to relax and take in the joys of living in cambridge its a this point i remembered why i started running not to be the fastest man on earth but to just enjoy the freedom of it and satisfaction that i can run, ive have no problem wearing tights and ridiclous bright shirts and trainers im a runner and proud of it s not everyone who can do this ive been running for time s to much and not for myself but never fear im back happy running all

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  • I love your positive attitude; it counts for so much in all aspects of life.

    Keep running and good luck with the spring and summer runs.

  • That's brilliant!! You are a runner! A very good and enthusiastic one too! Carry on loving what you do because it's for YOU :)

  • damm right good luck with your running

  • Welcome Home............................

  • its good to be back

  • I agree, its so easy to forget why we run and sidetracked on stats...its why I want to aim for an ultra- not to be fast or anything like that, but that I can be running free on an amazing journey. You will be fine, stay focussed and try and blot out the crowds...thats quite hard. I tried running with my eyes closed for while just to blot out all that crap in Bath, but I couldn't do it for long as there were so many of us, I would have gone A over T and thats not good either!!! Don't forget to carb up too...

  • cheers j im on it getting nervous but ive done the miles ,no music is a bit of a bummer but im not gonna lie its nice without it, in tune with your surroundings and all that its just another part of the running journey . i will be ok once im past 3 miles i will be in my zone aim for my targets 5 m 10 m once at 10 it half hour and im done main thing is to have fun after all thats why we run :)

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