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Im new and Thinking about starting to run

Hi Everyone,

Im thinking about trying to get into shape and think learning/starting to jog and run may help me. Im a Male of 33 I used to be into my fitness but when moving into my own place and working the fitness went aside and hence started eating unhealthy, my blood pressure can be quite high so im looking at trying to reduce this along with a better diet. I live in the clacton, essex area and have no idea where to start, I would like to find a group for beginners,if any one knows of anywhere I would be very gratefull, thank you for reading :-)

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Starting running/jogging and improving your diet sounds a very good idea. Have you downloaded the C25k podcasts? It's a very good programme because it takes you through systematically so as to help you get running but avoid injury. The walk intervals and gradually increasing run lengths give you a realistic way to extend running time. It says it's 9 weeks but when you read the small print you'll find the important thing is to complete each week properly - it doesn't matter if it takes longer than a week, or more runs than the 3 given for a week. On the podcasts, Laura tells you when to start and stop running etc but also gives someuseful guidance about running technique.


Thank you Orchards, I will look into this as it sounds like it might be just what i need, thank you


C 25th podcasts are amazing. Laura is like Marmite, you'll lover her or hate her but she'll get you running, get you fitter and get you smiling :) It's a fabulous program.

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The main thing is sticking with it. Laura's music taste is rubbish but gets into your head. There are others out there, the program is good.

If you want to run with others there are plenty of running clubs out there that are relatively cheap mine is £20 a year or even free.


Congratulations on looking at starting this. You'll love it! As has been said, download the C25K podcasts and run every other day if you can. But only run three times a week. It's important that you have rest days as well as run days. I didn't run with a group or a club, just ran solo. I found putting it into my diary was a great way to ensure nothing else got in the way and I was quite strict about sticking to my new regime. That said, you must listen to your body. It doesn't matter if you repeat a run, or can't quite complete a run, rest if you don't feel well, or have a niggle. There's no need to run fast, in fact, it's better to run slow and steady. And SMILE! That got me through each podcast. The sense of achievement at the end of every run is great, and when you have finished the whole programme, it's the best feeling in the world! Happy running to you! Keep us posted with how you get on. 😀😀🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️👏🏻👏🏻💪🏻💪🏻


I was a complete novice to running in August when I started the programme aged 52. The Podcasts are great, and I've come to love Laura like a rather persistent sister. She is the voice on the podcasts, but has also completed the C25K programme a few years ago. I run on my own (with Laura of course) and preferred it that way as it meant I could take things exactly at my own pace and not feel pressurised to go faster than I could manage. There are other C25K programmes out there, and you can also use the NHS C25K app alongside your own music. Wile Laura's taste in music is a little iffy, I have found the tracks are at the right pace to keep me going.

I stumbled across this forum part way through the programme, and the people in here are a constant source of support, advice and encouragement. We are all encouraged to share all our runs - the highs and the lows.

I only recently graduated (completed all three runs in Week 9) and the feeling was absolutely amazing. If you stick with the programme pretty soon you'll find yourself addicted to running.

Good luck, and look forward to hearing about your runs. :-)


Great that you want to improve your fitness! Well done.

First thing I'd recommend you do is register for Parkrun and get your ass down to the sea front (near the Toby Carvery) at 9am on Saturday :-)

You can walk the entire route or just complete one of your C25K runs whilst doing the Parkrun.

It's a great way to start the weekend.

I completed my first Parkrun almost exactly a year ago in 58.36 (nearly 30st), this Saturday I got my PB of 33.10 (just under 21st) and I only started C25K in July.

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Wow, well done!


Male, 33, used to be fit - C25K is a perfect place to r start.

I was always fit and exercise was a very big part of my teens & twenties. Since my thirties I still stayed fittish, but not to the same level. I have loved the extra exercise that the C25K has brought back into my life.

I used the App for the first 5 weeks, you can choose your own trainer. From week 6 and the longer runs, I did to add my own music, but it only worked until the first instructions & then neither music nor app worked properly for the rest of the run.

I then downloaded the podcasts and had the famous Laura, but I hated the music! So ended up only listening to the first one of each week, and just using a stopwatch after that.

Go for it! You can do it & 9 weeks will fly by.


"Male of 33 I used to be into my fitness" - that is exactly my situation too!

In my mid 20s I was fairly fit, got down to a "normal" BMI for the first (and so far only) time in my life and completed my first 5k run. Since then, exercise dwindled away, diet went out the window and fitness disappeared as life took over.

I'm now just about to start week 5 and aiming to graduate by the end of January :-)

If you don't get on with the podcasts, I use the RunDouble C25k app which lets me use my own music and allows me to customise in-run notifications (like interval pace, overall average page, runs remaining etc) which works well for me (I'm a data nerd so notifications like that motivate me!)

However you approach it, just stick with it and good luck! :-)


I ran solo with the podcasts and found it a great way to get started. The flexibility is good too, if you miss a planned run, just do it later or the next day. Why not just get started with the C25K podcasts whilst looking around for a suitable club or running group?


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