running at pace or not

since having the hip think ive been told not to run around at pace and run some slower runs had a bash at it again tonight ot took me three mile to start running 8min mile pace first mile was 6.50 second was 7.27 and from 3 to 5 all in the 8 s thats the slowest im going any thing less than that i start to ache but 5 miles done hip a little sort but 2 to 3 days and will be all good again love a good run as soon as ive finished i just want to go again happy running all

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  • Good going there for a new hip! Sheesh! Take care Moger. No need to go mad

  • thanks miss wobble run 7 this morning all in the 8s nearly went round the river loop again rest for 2days and a slow 3 on weds hip aches a bit after run iced up after for 30 mins and is fine so far so good

  • Woah. That's some running for a new hip!

    Take care and happy running

  • not new but have had hip injury had cortisone injections 2wks ago now able to up the miles

  • You've got this bad moger! Really well done. You've done so well at this running lark.

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