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Week 4 - Struggling with speed!


Hi fellow runners,

Ive just finished week 4 of C25K, a little bit disheartened to be fair, i started the 1st 3 weeks, and found it ok, i was walking at 6kmh, and running at 10kmh, but this week, it was tougher, and ive had drop the speeds to 5.5kmh for the walk, and 9.1kmh for the run.

Now whilst im hideously overweight (5ft 7 tall, and 96kg!), i have run before and prior to 2011 i was pretty fit and not so heavy, i was just hoping to be a bit faster, im aiming for 5k in 30mins, and at this rate, thats a long way off, i guess thats what getting older does to you.

But it still feels good, now that the weather is starting to get better, im going to get out on the road more, which should be another challenge.

But week 5 awaits, and at the moment im just going to aim to stay running, however slow i may have to get.

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Okay, you may be aiming for 5k in 30 minutes, but that's a goal to work on after finishing the programme. The programme is to get you running for 30 minutes, not 5k, whatever the name suggests. Most people don't reach 5k in the 9 weeks, and all are the better for it.

If you focus at all on your speed right now, focus on keeping it as low as possible. Start slow and then slow down a bit. Gte your form right, let your joints and muslces and bones and ligaments adpat to the new demands and stresses put on them, and stay injury free. You will be a better runner for it.


Getting slow is a very clever plan as the run time increases as it is you listening to your body and finding a comfortable speed u can keep running longer! Don't worry at all about slow, it prevents injury and keeps running fun! When u graduate and maybe stick to 30 minute runs, your speed can build without even trying. It's time not speed that helps you all the way to graduation, I know, I was slow too on the programme - ran 11km at 6 min per km today. that was comfortable for me because I am fitter, all built up on C25K slow running x


Well that does make me feel a bit better. Im just glad i made it this far, i didnt get past week2 , 2 years ago!

I'm just starting week 4, and left a similar post a couple of hours ago - healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

I've been reassured that slow is good!


I've found that I've definitely slowed slightly throughout Wk 4 to ensure I can sustain 5 minutes non stop. From what others are saying that sounds normal. Phew 😁

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