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Gently does it coming back after injury

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So ... finally got back to running after a 5 week gap caused by an overdoing-it-at-the-yoga class injury!

Made a mistake of doing first ever yoga class the day before parkrun. The over-stretching didn't "come out" till after my first Parkrun (respectable time of 37 and a half minutes), when I found my lower back was hurting. Went for a walk the next day which eased it, then tried Stepping Stones the following friday. Found my pace was really slow and also back agony after it!

Couple of weeks eating ibuprofen and really hobbling when getting out of bed in the morning. Did some physio. Noticed the last couple of weeks still a bit stiff but not needing to use pain killers any more. At the second physio session, the therapist gave me some more exercises and advised a cautious return to running. Alternate running and walking and on a more forgiving surface than the pavement.

So I took a trip down memory lane and did Week 1 Run 1 on a treadmill! Except it wasn't half the struggle it was when I did it first ...

The treadmill in the gym is placed opposite a mirror so I could observe myself running again. It felt SO good just to be doing it again! In fact the last of the eight reps of the run I ran for two minutes just for the joy of it. A couple of times in the day, crossing car parks etc, I also ran a few yards, and again realised how good it felt to feel your body and legs flowing in a way they really don't flow if you're just walking. Running really does feel like a flow doesn't it?

So far no ill effects, though back is still a little stiff, but it wasn't worsened by the running. I think on Monday I'll return to the gym and do the Week 2 run and build up from there.

I guess I must have become an addict, because it's such a relief to be able to do it again. Hoping my second date with Parkrun will only be a few weeks away now.

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This is good news!πŸ™‚ Welcome back!


I'm on the IC. Your post is cheering me up :)


This is why I do yoga classes at home (well, that and not usually having the stamina for the usual length) For some people it keeps them safer to have a live teacher present, others of us would not be able to resist trying to keep up with the group.

(Still definitely a beginner 5 years on. Same with running really!)

Glad that you're back, if that's not too horrid a pun.

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My back is back!πŸ€“


HEY! Back, yoga, ditto. Advice from all round to strengthen core muscles. However I must say that running doesn't seem to aggravate my back. Standing is *much* worse. Definitely can't stand for 25 minutes -- pure agony. But I'll be trying W7R3 tomorrow.

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Lying in bed is the worst for me. Definitely painful when I get up but it's ok once I get moving.

A colleague has said sleeping on your back on the floor is best for the back, but I can't seem to get off to sleep like that.


Back into it again!😁 well done, take it easy! I get mild lower back ache on one side usually as I get up in the morning, find movelat cream helps..😊

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Yep, the back is back!

Its good to have you running (carefully for short periods) back with us again Iain 😊x

Gently does it and soon you will be 'flowing' freely at your Parkrun again.

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