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Week 5 Run 2 - A breeze - say it quietly !!!!

When i did this run about a month ago i was cream crackered ( healthunlocked.com/couchto5... ). Just got back from the same run this evening (and saying it in hushed tones) - that was a breeze, no aches and pains afterwards - just that nice warm smug feeling when you've ticked off another run - I'm sure the smugmess will be short lived.

Laura's right - i feel as if I'm recovering faster between runs - shout this loudly "c25k works !!"

Team of work colleagues signing up for 2 castles 10k - tempted !!!

The first step is in the mind.

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What have you done in the past month to improve to this point?


Recovering from an operation (3 weeks ago), it did get to week 7 and went back to week 5 after 3 weeks of cake, TV and recooperation !!


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