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Week 5 run 2

2 x 8minutes, really terrified me this morning.

However just got to the seafront this evening as it stopped raining,and even better news the wind had changed direction from Tuesdays run so no hill.

What surprised me the most was how quickly the time went, eight minutes went as quickly as it does in the morning when the alarm is set to snooze!surely not i thought the podcast must be wrong, then after the walk we turned and could not believe we had gone so far, again could not believe it when Laura said your halfway, then when she anounced only 60 secs to go i knew i would do.

Im sure the whole run went quicker than those first minute runs in week one, i must be getting fitter,

Thank you Laura, thanks everyone.

The big 20 minutes on Saturday, but ive only got to run the bit i walked in the middle. I can do this.

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wow dare i say it, that sounds 'easy' lol maybe i can do it after all. Can't wait to run 8 minutes, only done 60secs at the moment. And it is only 4 weeks away - how amazing is that!?!

Are you enjoying it?


Great fun, keep going its amazing how you improve each run


it's great isn't it!, i'm doing my first 20 min run tonight and am feeling a bit nervous but like you i was surprised about how the 8 went.


All the best, let me know how your run went


Hi, not long been back in and i am surprised at how well it went, the first 10mins were a bit of a struggle and seemed to go slow but before i knew it we only had 4 mins left. Felt good at the end of it my breathing seemed to steady out. Good luck for your run!


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