Couch to 5K

Week 5 run 2 - Hardest to-date, no reason why !!!

Just got back from w5r2 and absolutely cream-crackered !!!

I did a parkrun on Saturday and i think it took more out of me than expected. So with heavy legs and a heavy heart i set off for w5r2, around the local 400m track.

The first 8 minute run was rubbish and I slowed down as instructed, really needed the 5 minute walk to recover, and the final 8 minute run was slow and steady - next run is the big one !!!

Good luck to everyone doing C25K - you inspire me.

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You finished it. That is the main thing. If you have done week 5 run 2 then you will be ready for week 5 run3. Take your time slow and steady. Its about going for 20 min not how far you go. good luck.


You'll do it, you may think it sounds impossible but it's not, good luck! Just think a few weeks ago you were probably struggling to do 60secs and now you've just done 8mins straight (twice!) :)


You'll do it for sure as you have been working towards it for weeks, and if you've completed each run 3 times then it's as good as in the bag! You'll be ecstatic when you've done it


Well done for completing this one even though it was hard; remember 'slow and steady' and you will be fine with run 3 I'm sure; enjoy the elation when it's done, then it's onto week 6 and soon be graduation time! :-)


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