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Back in the saddle after a 3 week break - W5R1

I've had an enforced absence from C25K for 3 weeks, and boy did I miss it, I had got to the end of week 7, and done 3 park runs - so had to pick a place to start - so I went back to W5R1.

How is it that possible to be so out of it in 3 weeks !!!!

Found it really difficult to get "in the zone" (running laps around local running track) and have full motivation. But somehow I got distracted in the 3*5min runs flew by, and before I knew it it was over and 12 laps completed (4.8k).

Feeling good for a change, who'ed of thought all those weeks ago - exercise would be fun, and rather missing it.

Keep the faith all - if I can do it - anyone can.

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Hi Mark - well done for getting back into your stride (pun intended) and what a great effort after 3 weeks away. I think you're right to have dropped back a couple of weeks to see how you feel, rather than diving straight back into week 7 or 8, letting your legs get used to it again will reduce the risk of injury and you'll soon be back where you were.

Keep it going!


Yes, well done for getting back into it. I had to have enforced break at 8 weeks, and dropped back to week 6... I was glad I had, and it did seem easier the second time around. Good luck and keep at it!


Well done for getting back to it! I've very rarely got into the zone yet, but hoping with practice it will come! and we can have fun(honest) trying!


'Back in the saddle...' isn't that cheating a little? :-D

Good to see you have got back out there, it is easy once the routine is broken to slide back to your old ways. Just take it steady.

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