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Back at it after a long break!


After getting to week 7 and completing a 5k event in May, I had a minor sprain and stopped running. My injury took just 3 weeks to completely heal, but I just couldn't get back into running, which is too bad as it's been long enough now that I've completely lost all the gains I'd made, except for the knowledge that I can do it!

Well, yesterday morning, I did W1R1. I'm back at it! Not sure what really inspired me to start, but a break in the heat we've been having certainly helped. I'm in Canada and we've been having a really hot summer where I am. I laid my gear out the night before, set a second alarm on my phone and left it in the bathroom, so that it would wake my kids up if I didn't hop out of bed to disable it before it rang.... and those tricks worked to get me up and moving before my brain could start listing reasons I shouldn't run.

Here I go again! :)

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Hey, you’re like me! I had to start again. So I’m cheering you on!

Life happens, as I always say. That’s great you’ve been back out again!

I’m glad your sprain healed.

Thanks for your post, makes me realise that I’m not the only one.

See you around fellow runner!

All the best, Pam.

Amandana in reply to pampam

Awesome Pam! How is it going for you?

pampam in reply to Amandana

Thanks Amanda. Starting back out again, I was more unfit than I thought for the first two runs. Since then it’s been easier, but still feel I’m back at the beginning, although when I read my earlier posts, I realise it’s actually that bit easier this time. I’m not a bright red tomato yet! I was a bright red tomato from day one!

So I’m sure it will be the same more or less for you. Our bodies must remember the previous exercise just the same.

Keep on! Pam.

Same here! I completed Couch to 5k in July last year, did my first (and to date only) parkrun 3 weeks later to “celebrate” my 50th birthday with my sporty siblings in tow, and then all manner of things got in the way, and finally on Monday this week I gave myself a good taking to, pulled on my running shoes and started again. I’ve just come in from doing W1R2 and thought I’d have a look on the forum and saw your post. I agree, running during a heatwave was never going to happen for me, so this cooler weather was ideal to get going again. Best wishes, Muttley

Amandana in reply to muttleyb

Glad you're also back at it Muttley! Are you also in Canada?

muttleyb in reply to Amandana

No, I live in the beautiful but very hilly Peak District in Derbyshire, England, and we’ve had the longest, hottest, driest summer for decades. Where in Canada are you?

Amandana in reply to muttleyb

I'm in Sudbury - a mining town about 4 hours drive northwest of Toronto. :)


Welcome back... great alarm strategy!

Amandana in reply to UnfitNoMore



Running this summer has been a huge challenge with the heat! Welcome back though and with this break in heat it should be a little easier to get motivated to get out and get it done. I have faith you'll complete the programme this time and get that Graduate behind your name.

Thanks SaskAlliecat!! I did R2 this morning... one foot in front of the other. :)

I sincerely congratulate you on your determination. I believe that you will finish the program despite hot weather and other adversities. fingers crossed x

Amandana in reply to maya002

Thank you!

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