Back in the saddle - just about

Since my epic event on 13 April Marathon and being 50 - I thought I and got away with things pretty unscathed. Took a week off to recover and then felt I should get back out there. However, interestingly enough after being as fit as a flea for well over a year- I had a horrible week, of malaise, feeling really lousy living on pain killers - and a cold sore of cold sores. (People kept telling me I had something on lip - 'yeah a cold sore' 'oh its hardly noticeable' they replied - really!!) .

I started the 30 day plank and squats - surprisingly hard and gave up. Anyway I took another week off - I also had to fit in some more birthday celebrating . Finally three weeks later I felt like running- my feet started getting itchy and I was checking the weather. I also noticed I started feeling very maudlin - a sure sign I need to get out there exercising.

So I have done a couple of small 5 k runs - quite honestly they felt enough- but I am keen to do some more. It is good not to have training regime hanging over my head - but I also miss the focus.

I am sort of re-oreintating myself- with a series of mini goals. I am entered for the Oxford half marathon in October - with 7 other girls - three of whom have not run before. I say blushing -They are inspired by my efforts and feel they want a target to aim for. They have nothing to prove - but they are very excited. I have of course told them all about C25k.

I have some plans for another Marathon - I have entered the London ballot. If I am not successful - I will do another - not sure where. Lochness Marathon looks good. A friend has suggested NY- maybe. we shall see what the year brings.

Meantime I am kicking my heels - running all my fav familiar C25k routes- Fantastic.

Happy running everyone:-)


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23 Replies

  • Really sorry you are under par after your epic performance - must have used up all your reserves. You are amazing! You need coddling a bit now but I wish you all the very best whichever route you take! Be kind to yourself and take care out there!

  • Thanks Beek - that is very kind of you. I have been quite miserable and I have not been on HU site for a few weeks. I am smiling now - as I realise I have missed it:-)

  • It has been said that pushing the body to extremes, and what you did is extreme by my standards, can have an adverse affect on the immune system. So maybe it is not too surprising that you are less than your usual perky self. Take care, we are all waiting to read "What Suzybenj did next"

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Ian - you are so kind. I love a challenge - and what Suzy B does next appeals. As a result been busy looking up short Devon running challenges. I am seriously considering my first park run - i have never been brave enough to do one:-)

  • The Crediton Crunch is a10k multi terrain run on May 18th. It will be my first race, outside Parkruns. It's Tim, by the way.

  • Thats really funny Tim- glad to put a name to a face:-). Currently checking out 10 k race for life in Exeter.

  • Hi Suzy good to hear you are easing back into things. Taunton also has a 10k race for life coming up in July - not far from Exeter. Good luck :)

  • Sorry to hear you're not feeling too well. Hopefully you'll make a full recovery soon and get back out there ;) Actually, I'm on day 5 of the 30 day plank course ;)

  • Paul - getting stronger by the minute -with all the lovely support from you guys- makes me want to be out there doing it!!

    Best of luck with the plank...I may revisit it in June:-)

  • Thanks ;)

  • I didn't manage day 1 of the plank. Think I need to work up to it!

  • Don't worry suzibenj we're still all here for you. You DA wooooman remember!! Ionnodatruffe is right - you did push yourself to the max, so after a good rest you will be fine. Eat fruit and vegetables galore and drink the juice of the Gods - wine!! Only in moderation though. Take care now.

  • horses and stable gates - already drank far to much in celebrations/misery - so i am on the wagon this week - to restore Karma to my poor battered body.

    But my 'perk' is perking up- its good to be back:-)

  • Yes - I think once you let your body relax after a real challenge (or going on holiday!) your immune system gives up too. Hope you will be feeling better soon - you certainly deserve to take it easy for a while. Linda

  • Thanks Linda - i was definitely knocked sideways - but coming out the other side now:-)

  • Glad you are on the mend and back here, we need to know how you are doing, so hope it keeps getting better. If DanZ can do a Parkrun after so long then so can you.

    Enjoy the running again and look after yourself.

  • Thanks C4ts- giving it serious consideration:-)

  • Even if you had planned in a proper break after all your incredible efforts, your body was probably just making sure it really happened!

    So glad you've managed to get out again. Be kind to yourself, but a series of mini-goals sounds very wise.

  • Thanks - I guess i did underestimate recovery time - but quite excited about the mini-goals:-)

  • Take good care of yourself. You have come so far and been amazing! Always great to read what you've been up to.

  • Thanks Tomas

  • Sorry to hear you are under the weather - it probably feels all the worse because you'd been so fit for so long. The marathon must have taken a lot out of you so be kind to yourself for a while. Good luck with your next goal and best wishes.

  • thanks for your good wishes Fitmo

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