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Back in the saddle...

Hi All.

I have been MIA for a while. I completed C25k a couple of years ago, in 9 weeks without a hitch. I loved it and couldn't believe how well it worked for me. I started working on speed (hard) and distance (better) and built up to running 9k fairly comfortably.

Then I moved offices. I used to run at lunchtime in Regents park and my new office location didn't seem to be as pleasant (i'm a creature of habit) and then I got sick, from pretty much October - January. And I stopped running all together. I was really bummed out as I loved my progress and I loved this forum and was really proud of how far I'd come as a 'non-runner'.

Then last week I decided to try. I was really scared that by trying I would be massively demotivated by how far I'd slipped. I didn't know if i should start the whole programme again, or maybe from week 5? But I decided to start slow and just see if I could do 2k without walking. So I slowly trotted off. Map My Run counted off the km's and when I got to 2 I thought, maybe I could do one more? Which I did...just!

It felt great that I hadn't lost it all, that after almost 9 months with no runs I managed 3km. But most of all it just felt great to run again. I think I got so caught up in how much I may have lost in terms of fitness I forgot that the best bit is just how good I feel after a run.

I'm building up again now. Keeping it low-intensity at 2 runs a week and seeing how I go. But I just wanted to check in. I never would have completed the C25k in the first place if it wasn't for this forum and in case there are any other 'lapsed graduates' reading this that are nervous about getting back in the saddle, just do it. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, just remember that its not all about the numbers, its how it makes you feel and any run is better than no run at the end of the day. :)

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Good to see you running again!


That's fantastic that you are back out running again! I'm sure you will soon be back where you were if that's what you want. The main thing is to enjoy what you are doing and take things steady. Welcome back! X :-)


That's fantastic that you are back out running again. I am sure you will soon get back to where you were if that's what you decide to do. The main thing is to enjoy yourself and take it steady. Welcome back! :-)


Thanks both! It does feel good to be back in my trainers - amoung other things, it's the time I listen to my backlog of podcasts so I have a lot of catching up to do!



Welcome back Rey. Hopefully it shouldn't take you too long to get your fitness back. Slow and steady does it every time :)


Hi Rey, glad you are back on track and look forward to hearing how you are getting on.


Welcome back Rey and I think you did amazingly well to run for 3K after a 9 month absence. When I was off for 2 months I struggled to run for 5 minutes!

I look forward to reading your future posts.


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