Couch to 5K

Back in the saddle and about to tackle week 4

I started doing C25K about 6 months ago, and i completed up to and including week 7. Even on holiday I was running about 5K everyday and felt great, then I tweaked my Achilles again and was told to rest completely for 3 months.

3 months turned into 4 and soon Xmas was here, finally got the OK from the Doc's 2nd week of December so on Boxing day sporting my new running tights and hat I started on week 2 again. Boy was those runs hard, it's amazing to think I could be that bad after 4 months doing nothing - I was really really bad !!!

So in the last week of 2013 I completed week 2, first week of 2014 I complete week 3 and tonight I start on week 4.

Joined back up with the blog to spur me one tonight, whilst running in the wind and the rain - happy days.

Good luck to everyone

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Good going Mark. Keep it up and tell that wind and rain to p*** off, cos MARK'S in town!


Good on you for getting back out there! good luck with it


Great job in getting back out there again. It sounds as if you are doing really well and determined to keep at it. Good luck.


Glad to hear you're running again. A few of us are out of action with ankles at the moment and are anxious to get back out there. I hope you go on all right. Go steady won't you.


Hi Mark - it was almost the same story for me. My Achilles decided to stop playing at the end of week 8 run 1 and after 12 weeks off I'm now pain free and back on the programme once more. After completing one run from week 3 last week without too much difficulty, I decided to miss the other two runs and start on week 4 and I'll hopefully finish the last of the week's three runs tomorrow. But, like you, I'm surprised at how hard I've found this week compared to the first time around. Just goes to show how fast you can lose your fitness when you get back on the couch for a few months!


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