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Back in the saddle... um,shoes?

Well, the house move happened as planned, we're mostly unpacked, and I've been itching to get out running, while simultaneously being utterly exhausted. Tiny Terrier is being a nightmarish handful out on walks, as he can't go off the lead here now, so is in serious need of a good run.

I got in from work, and realised that somewhere along the walk home I'd decided I was going to go for a run, and take Tiny Terrier with me. Even though I've not run in a month, I decided to go for week 3, as I've been doing LOTS of walking so figured I should be able to manage that much. So off we went, down to the river, along past the front of college, and round the school playing field. By the end of the second three minute run, Tiny was trotting along really nicely with me, and had just about stopped looking for things to.chase!

All in all, a really good re-start!

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Sounds like you both benefited from your run


I'm glad your move went as planned, can be very stressful and as you say, exhausting. Great that you went for a run and Tiny terrier certainly must have loved it🐾🐾😊 (why can't you let him off the lead?). Happy running and exploring new places 😁


I'm guessing that Tiny Terrier doesn't know the area well enough yet, and RainbowC doesn't want to lose him.

With that in mind - Rainbow, did you know that you can pre register your dog wih Doglost, doglost.co.uk/ so that if the worst does happen it is really quick to get people looking for him?


It's not so much about him not knowing the area, as about his desperate need to chase anything and everything that moves, whether boat, runner, cyclist, or car. And his total fixation on that to the exclusion of all else means that the first time he's let loose he will at best get lost and at worst get run over. It's just not worth the risk.

I do have a 15-metre lead for him which I might have to get out soon, to give him a bit of freedom while keeping him safe - but there are generally enough people around that he'll be a liability on that too! :rolleyes: ;)


Taylor Beagle chases cats rather than things/people, and show her an open space, her Beagle brain kicks in and she is off like a shot! Which is why I do Canicross with her 😀

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Only just seen your reply to my question!! He sounds very much like my Springer who is obsessed with things blowing about in the wind but he is also a terror with sheep 😕Like Maddee I do Canicross to give him more exercise but by myself since there are no groups around here.


Glad you both enjoyed your run 👍


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