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well i was eating my hair majority of way round the loop due to the high first it was behind me pushing me along then pushing against my side and then head first into it but oh my gosh! who would of thought week 3 run 1 under my belt! I did it! I listened to the lovely laura. I didnt push myself too hard and took it gently..good combination of quick walking and jogging..not only did I run for 1.5 mins twice.....I did it for 3 mins .......TWICE! ***high fives herself*** I didnt think id do it but the legs kept up and didnt give up...just a touch of stich (again) and real shortness of breath. when I did the first 3min bit I thought I was going im back home relaxing and feeling very very chuffed! go me! loved the last bit of podcast where this is more about stamina and putting last two weeks all into practice. HUGE smile on my face!

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Great feeling isn't it?! I remember thinking there's no way I can run for three minutes. I surprised myself every time I finished a run, all throughout the programme. In the end, I just learned to trust it and tried not to worry about the ever increasing times I had to run. Well done- and I still feel like I'm gonna die after I run, the difference is that's now 30-40 minutes continuous :-)



I found a set of three buffs in technical fabric for about £8 in TKMax. I wear one on my head, with all my hair pushed inside. It doesn't look particularly smart on me (wrong shape face), but stops the hair in mouth problem very nicely as well as helping to stop headphones falling out of ears.


Well done to you ! you're doing really well... you deserve to relax now!:)


I did W3R1 today - and felt so good at the end of it, that I did it again! :) W3 is a short week and it took me down to the river - and I had to get back home, so repeated it.

BUT-- I have been running using run/walk intervals for a couple of months now - but have realised that I have been going too fast. So, using a HRM to ensure that I kept my heart rate way down low 115 BPM (which is my aerobic limit at my age) and taking notice of Laura's suggestion in W1 to breathe in through my nose, I managed to get along at what felt like a VERY slow pace -- but completed the task twice over without feeling any pain, or breathing discomfort at all. I have read that we should train at NO MORE than our maximum aerobic limit (180 heartbeats -age) , or even less (if we are badly unfit) to build up both muscle and aerobic strength. As we build up, the theory is that when running at this lowish heart rate, we actually slowly build up such that we have to run faster to maintain that rate. I have also read that we should train only at a rate that allows us to carry out a conversation -- I have never been able to do that, but did it today by going at this much slowed pace . It IS possible!! :)


Congratulations on your achievement, you deserve to feel good. You stuck to your plan of repeating each week and it has clearly paid off for you. Enjoy! Best wishes.


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