I was pretty apprehensive about last night's run. Not worried - I came to the conclusion of what's the worst that will happen? I've learnt through this and yoga not to give myself a hard time for the things I can't do, but be proud of the things I can. It's not much, but I know I couldn't have run for 3 minutes, 3 weeks ago. Now I can. And it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

So to anyone who's a bit nervous about the big jump up - don't be! Just take it reeallyyyy slow, super slloooowwwww. Like you did on W1R1. Only after you've done it once or twice can you be sure of pace and how you can manage. I'm so pleased I did last night and the feeling of accomplishment was so good. I feel like I'm into a routine and on the wagon now and dare I say it, looking forward to W3R2 tomorrow! (Never in a million years did I think I'd say that).


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10 Replies

  • Fabulous post Hannah. :) It sounds like you are really enjoying the running challenge and doing brilliantly.

    I know what you mean about looking forward to your next run too... it starts to creep into your thoughts a lot...lol :)

    Good luck tomorrow.

  • Thanks Jan! It seems to be. I think the key is not to scare myself off to easily which is what I've done my whole life up to now. And lets face it, most people are on this forum because they think running is a massive beast that can't be tamed. Slow and steady and for the first time ever, I now believe I can get there. Bring it on!

  • Hey, well done, hannah. I struggled a bit with W3R1, psychologically more than anything. You're right thought that once you've done it a couple of times, it becomes much easier.

    I did W3R2 this morning, and it went really well. Felt great and I am now looking forward to the next one. Also, did my weekly weigh in before I set out, and had lost 2lb so that gave me a nice boost.

  • I do think the psychological side is 80% of the battle. When you think you're finding it hard, it's not hard really. Yes it's effort, of course, but it's not undoable and we have to stop telling ourselves it is. I had a weigh in last week after my first two weeks and had lost 3lbs. But I was feeling great all round. I'm toning and losing - win win! Good luck for W3R3!

  • I am doing 5:2 so that will account for most of the weightloss - I'm almost 20lbs down from what I was in mid-Jan. I took up the running to maybe help things along a bit, and keep me moving and tone up. There's definitely an energy and mood boost too, which I hadn't counted on. Well done on your 3lb loss! That's brilliant.

  • Oooh I'm a 5:2er too vivster!

    I lost a stone and a half on it a couple of years ago but got out of the habit last year and gained 10lbs. I'm back on it since the new year and I've lost 7 of those pesky 10lbs now. Just under 2 stone to go to goal weight, hopefully the running will help!

  • I like the 5:2. It's the only "diet" I've ever stuck to and it seems to suit me. It's certainly effective. I would like to lose quite a lot more weight yet though.

    Good luck with wk3. I enjoyed the most of all the weeks so far. I start wk4 tomorrow which is a scary prospect.

  • Well done Hannah!

    I did W3R1 today. I was really concerned about doubling the running time too as even 90 seconds never felt easy for me. I found the first 3 minute was fine but halfway through the session I turned round to go back the way I came and I was in a head-on wind, I really struggled for breath on the second 3 minutes and was SO close to stopping but I just made it!!

    Hope runs 2&3 and the rest go well for you.

  • Well done Jenny! Great work on pushing through and finishing! I did W3R2 after a night out on Friday. Felt a bit clumsy and all out of rhythm but somehow managed to up my pace overall. Just goes to show that performance isn't always based on how you feel! One more run on W3 then week 4 which has crept up rather quickly...

  • Great stuff Hannah !

    Yep, slow and steady is the way.

    Keep going , youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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