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Good god! Who knew this old heffalump could jog for 3 mins twice!! Last one gave me the demon voice in my head but I saw that off and completed in full! Have I mentioned I still smoke 15 a day!!! YES I will be giving up but doing it my way and not out of breath yet! 40 years smoking and 20 years no exercise - it’s ridiculous lol think what I could have been - oh ok let’s just concentrate on W3R2. (Unless I keel over first !!!)

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I know how you're feeling Determined50! We can do this!!!!!!! 😀


I’d certainly advise against lighting up during a run... that’s just showboating!

Great job... you got this... take down runs 2 and 3 and then onwards!


Slow and steady and on you go.... well done you...but.. ditch the cigarettes,,, you are going to need all your breath for the runs to come:)

Lol even a hardened smoker like me could not do that. So week 4 is run day not a smoke day and that’s how I am going to give it up. Gave up 3 months ago for 6 weeks on will power - I forgot to fill my time though so this time I thought I would do C25K - well you might as well go whole hog as they say

IgaTGraduate in reply to Determined50

Go you! You got it!


Well done! You are doing great! The second 3 minute run is a real fight with inner demon. You won! Congratulations!!! In no time, you will be running for 30 minutes! But one step at a time. Let's do the W3R2 next ;) mine is tomorrow O_O

Determined50 in reply to IgaT

Thank you - yes I think I was prouder of the fight for a minute in my head with that pathetic demon and winning than with completing the run.

IgaTGraduate in reply to Determined50

I know the feeling. This is where magic happens and you realise you are stronger than you thought, both mentally and physically. That's why I love this programme. Gradually over relatively short period of time, it shows you how amazing you are!

Done my w3r1 straight through for the first time tonight, and I smoke too, so I feel your pain. Well done it was a toughie!

Determined50 in reply to Bham81

Ah a fellow breather of the smoky air - well done to you for completing your run

Bham81 in reply to Determined50

Thanks! Failed it last week, and thought I would again tonight with just 34 seconds left of the 2nd 3minute run! But I did it! And so did you! Well done xx

Determined50 in reply to Bham81

Keep going and believe in your own resilience! It’s blooming hard work but each step means we did better than last week x

Well done that is brilliant I did that run yesterday and I thought I was going to die but I survived lol.

I am not a smoker, but I have happily over eaten for the last 33 years so I more wobble than jog. But I am determined to get this weight off so I can jog effortlessly lol. Keep up the good work detemined50 slow and steady wins the race 😁

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